Friday, January 19, 2007

Benji's Birthday Wish List from

The items below are from If you click the link and purchase please do it within 30 minutes so that our affiliate account gets the credit. You pay the same price either way, but if you do it within 30 minutes, we get 10% of the price before shipping and tax.

Benji's birthday is March 2. He will be 2.If you need our address, email me at parentforchrist(at)gmail(dot)com.

400246: 10 Minutes Till Bedtime10 Minutes Till Bedtime

Only ten minutes left before bedtime and there's still so much to do! But with the help of the hamsters' 10-Minute Bedtime Tour, bathing, brushing, dressing, and reading are all done--just in the nick of time. Children ages 2 through 6 will be enchanted by this fanciful story of a countdown similar to ones they have heard.

524463: Magnetic Vehicles in a BoxMagnetic Vehicles in a Box

There are 20 generously sized, highly detailed wooden magnets that colorfully depict a variety of vehicles from an ambulance to a sailboat. They also store neatly in a sturdy wooden case. It's a great activity for early vocabulary development! Measures 8" x 5.5" x 2", and is recommended for ages 2 and up.

7282444: Tall-Stacker&#153 Pegs & Pegboard SetTall-Stacker™ Pegs & Pegboard Set

This captivating pegboard set entertains while building essential eye-hand coordination, fine motor control, and math skills. Included in this set are 25 tall, plastic pegs, an 8" 25-hole crepe rubber pegboard and suggested activities. Ages 2 and up.

7282116: Toddler Tote, Ages 2-5Toddler Tote, Ages 2-5

More than a handy "bag of tricks" for keeping your toddler occupied in restaurants or in the car seat, this bundle of lightweight puzzles and toys is specially designed to develop eye-hand coordination, color and shape recognition, and fine-motor skills. Includes 8 soft-textured punch-out puzzles with animal and geometric shapes, 7 plastic "stacking pegs," and a convenient carrying case.

I will put up the amazon list in a little while. It's will be the same time of thing as we have an affiliate account with them. Although we would prefer you use the site. :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Over due Update

I do apologize... I thought I had updated no tthat long ago..

Let's see.. Benji went to the Cardiologist at the end of November. He was not very cooperative. The valve only showed little change so we are still waiting. That is good. I just don't like waiting even if it's good. :)

In December he got his braces and he does very well with them. He wears them nearly full time. And his walking has improved greatly. He's not nearly as clumsy as he was. He does still fall when running but we think he is just getting ahead of himslef.

He had his IFSP this past week. Things will conitune with 2 visits a month and we are going to start working on sensory things. He chews alot and is very picky about foods here lately. He's also refusing to talk. Although, we went to Nana and Papa's yesterday and when I told him the wood stove was hot he said Hhhhhooot. A stretched out version of hot. He also told Papa bye bye. The little angel will just talk when he wants to.

The sensory thing is he still don't like you messing with his hands and he puts everything in his mouth. He licks things and chews things. He will even fight Nana's dog for the chew toy. It's humourus except that due to his chewing we are going to have to actually purchase a toddler bed for him unless we can come up with something. I need to get the ball pit out for him. He loves it plus it helps with the sensory need for input.