Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ugh.... Wednesday-Friday

Okay... Wednesday Benji wasn't hungry. He ate half a bowl of cereal for breakfast (that's without milk) Then for lunch he nibbled on chips and had a peanut butter sandwich. Dinner he had a hotdog no bun. To drink it was koolaid.

Thursday Benji ate cheese puffs. That was all he wanted to eat. All day. He also had orange koolaid. About 3pm - 7pm he had 5 BMs and each one got pastier and lighter with the last being nearly gray. Seems his milk sensitivity is all dairy and it looks to be caesin, not lactose.

Friday.... Benji didn't eat breakfast. He had diluted Juicie Juice. For lunch he had a chicken nuggets happy meal (4piece) and he ate all of it with sweet tea. Dinner he had a grilled cheese and orange koolaid.

Okay... words kinda diminished. While mama, mine, drink and Brittany were still obvious he said no sentences and by Thursday afternoon lost the sentences and went back to the jibberish. By jibberish I mean he was talking in his own language. Friday he was gasy and mumbly.

Behavior.Thursday he got to be a handful doing what he wanted and running all over the place. Friday he would say no and stick out his tongue if we told him to do something he didn't want to. Both nights he was difficult to get to bed.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007



Breakfast was half a bowl of honey nut cheerios and a cup of koolaid. Benji wasn't very hungry this morning... Really he wasn't very hungry all day...

Lunch.... He grabbed the potato chips and also had some smiles fruit snacks. More so just grazing. Had koolaid to drink... orange with half the recommended sugar.

Snacked on the chips for a bit..

Dinner had 2 chicken strips and some french fries with sweet tea. Then had some vanilla wafers.

Had more koolaid before bed.

Please, mama, I want out, Look, there, drink, drank (i.e. I drank drink), eat, dog (he said og), mine, Britt (for Brittany), come here

Sentiences.... (I am so excited to list these.)
I want drink
I want Brittany
I want out
that's mine
Brittany come here

He's been very tired and lazy today. Most of the morning he was either laying on my bed or in the living room floor. This evening he played outside for about an hour and was again tired. Trying to get him to bed has been a challenge as Brittany and Kimmie got home a little after 9 and he got excited. He missed his sisters.


Okay... so I am posting a day late... we will survive right? LOL...

Breakfast consisted of bread and potato chips. That is horrible for breakfast but that is what he wanted. So I gave in. I was rather surprised that he ate potato chips. They aren't soft and mushy and they are not round. They are however VERY salty. Benji loves salt. He will eat straight salt if we let him. He drank juicie juice diluted 50%.

Lunch was hotdog, smiles fruit snacks, whales cheese crackers and then orange koolaid.

Dinner was hotdog and cheesepuffs with koolaid.

Our menu was not the best yesterday and we are going to have to improve. However... Benji was jabbering up a storm.

drink, eat, out, kit (kitty), momma, I want

Those are what was clear. The I want was said with drink and eat. So we have a sentence finally!!

We did get in the pool last night also and Benji had lots of fun. We had gotten an inflatable mini-boat for him to sit in and that was fine for a few minutes but then he decided he wanted to be in the water. He used one of the rings we had for the other kids and had a blast. He was holding on like he had been doing it all his life. After about 30 minutes in the pool we had to get him out though because he was getting cold. The water was warm but we had a slight breeze.

After he came in and got warm clothes on he fell asleep and slept until 9am.... So about 13 hours. Which was nice to see. He did wake up crying about 1:30am and came to bed with us. That's a common thing and it reminds me alot of when Brittany was that age.