Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Pic pt #2

I got the Christmas outfit on him! I did have to cheat and put a Cars tee under the shirt... but we got the outfit on him.

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Pics pt #1

pics from early Christmas day... 'Hanger' the build a bear bunny and Benji's ball pit.

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Christmas Joy

Benji is enjoying his brand new ball pit. It was an unexpected gift we got on our trip into Opry Mills yesterday. It was on sale and we couldn't resist! Playing in the balls help with his sensory stuff and it keeps him busy for a little while. Plus we had plenty of pit balls from the old pit that he used to have.

Christmas hasn't officially started for us yet.. we don't open gifts until the girls are here... so I am sure there will be more pictures.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Set Backs and Improvements

Benji has had a hard couple of days lately. This past week was a bit overwhelming for him with Christmas parties and decorating and such. He never responds too well to things being different. Wednesday one of his sisters stayed home from school and then another came home early while he was at school. He got very cranky with that.

Off and on the last two weeks Benji has had minor congestion and a dry cough. Thursday it got to be a wet cough and his sugar took a dip without wanting to stay back up. The lowest it got was 73... but considering below 80 is hypoglycemic and he has ketotic hypoglycemia... I was the concerned mom. Made sure to keep his food and beverage intake written down and his outputs too. This is when we realized it is quite possibly a tummy bug with loose BMs. Called the dr and the nurse said that he needed to come in Friday, but if the sugar went below 60 to take him directly to the ER. Friday his sugar was fine but still having the loose stool. Dr said to make sure to feed him complex carbs and that he didn't feel there was really anything we needed to do right now.

Yesterday was bad... the cough got very moist and congested sounding. (Benji can't take benedryl because of his heart stuff) His sugar levels would dip but for the most part we were able to keep them between 90-120.

Last night was awful. He made Micah's croupy cough sound like nothing. Put some vapor rub on him and the texture and smell bothered him until he passed out asleep. (He was so tired that the relief it gave was better than complaining about the senses going crazy. Poor guy.)

Today we are monitoring the cough and his sugar level... he's staying between 75-91 even after eating. He has diarrhea, thankfully we have pedialyte pops. Stayed home from church so I can keep a closer eye on him.

In staying home Benji has been playing Sonic on the old Genesis... he loves it. He's doing good with the hand eye coordination. Trying to get him away from the video games I pulled out his Bilbo for him. (It's a great toy... there are so many different uses) He sits in it and spins like nobody's business. While this typically should be a surprise... Benji has hypotonia... his core muscles are weak, it's the reason he goes to physical therapy. He spun! He did it!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Saving Little Hearts Christmas Party

Benji was so excited to see Ronnie the Raccoon at the Saving Little Hearts Christmas Party he gave Santa the boot... lol

He had so much fun! We made a snowman picture frame and a miniature Christmas Tree. (I did more of it then he did, but we still had fun.) Benji's aversion to sticky stuff came out, he didn't want to touch the glue but had no problem squeezing it from the bottle.

When it got to picture taking time Santa was sitting where Ronnie is in the above pic, Benji was on the opposite side of the couch. LOL... He kept looking at Ronnie and going on about him so Santa got up and Ronnie sat down. As you can see, Benji has NO aversion to Ronnie the Raccoon. Plus we got a replacement stuffed Ronnie for his other one because it apparently got a little hole in it while at school for the bear hunt.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jingle Benji

Jingle Bells Benji style.... so cute! Benji was in the Jingle Bell spirit with putting up decorations outside and then finding the door bells. Of course, Bubba couldn't resist getting involved.

Friday, December 12, 2008

PT was good today...

I brought up to Sarah about Benji being very floppy and about Robyn mentioning Monday that his core muscles were weak. So we got core exercises going and she has shown me a few to do at home.

Sit ups on the exercise ball. We use a wooden puzzle and put the pieces on the floor behind him so he has to stretch backwards across the ball and get one piece at a time. He then sits up and puts the piece in the puzzle.

Leg lifts. This one we don't have nailed down yet, he's to lift a small ball between his feet straight up and back to his hands. (Not sure I am describing it correctly) I think I will need dad or one of the older girls to help me here. At least we have plenty of ball pit balls that are the perfect size for this one.

Swing Time. (We finally got the swing back up!) Aside from just the vestibular input he gets from swinging... we can use his swing to help strengthen those core muscles too. I need to get a rope or something that Benji can hold onto to pull himself to me while on his tummy in the swing. (we have a fabric sling swing)

There was another one, but I can't remember what it was. Anyhow... his arms are strong but his shoulders are not as strong. His legs are strong but his trunk is weak which causes his legs to fatigue. Plus with his feet... low arches and pronation... little man will overcome this.

I also had Sarah look at Benji's knee where he fell on Wednesday afternoon. She said that it appears to be a bone bruise but since he can put full weight on it and run and jump he should be fine. The swelling went away Wednesday night and she said to keep an eye on it since it was a little tender to the touch. If it swells back up then he will need an x-ray.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bear Hunt

So... last week at school Benji and his friends did a bear hunt. They also learned about bear. (Brown Bear, Bear Hunt, etc.)

We got a couple of the crafts they did from it today. I think Benji did a great job even though last Thursday was hard for him. (We think the bear hunt scared him or the anticipation got him worked up. He had a hard time listening Thursday.)

So... one bear was covered in glue and he put oatmeal on it. It's cute!

The other bear is a small paper plate with ripped construction paper and all glued on. It looks like he did a good job there.

This is such an improvement from just six months ago!

Benji still doesn't like to get sticky or to get paint or glue on his hands, but he sees that if he tolerates it long enough he can make the craft and enjoy it. Then wash hands. I am sorta glad he insists on being clean. His brothers could learn from that. LOL...

Monday, December 08, 2008

Echo Update

Cardiologist visit was uneventful. Praise the Lord.

Pulse-ox was 96% and Blood Pressure was 98.

Stats from right leg were 88 over 72.

Stats from right arm were 80 over 57.

This is without meds! The aorta looks great, no problems from the repair. The valve (aortic) is leaking but there has been little to no change since May.

Benji behaved wonderfully! He told Dr. Hermo all about his transformer Bumblebee. He stayed calm for the blood pressure and pulse ox. He was very curious about the echo but did as he was asked and laid still.

Benji has been okayed to do the Miracle Ball sports and T ball as long as the coaches understand he will need to rest more than normal and that heat will have a significant affect on him. (No problem there considering I am momma bear.)

OT went good. Robyn was impressed that he was willing to play in the shaving cream while "washing" the cars in the car wash. He was tired and distracted but it was expected some. She got him reined in and today was productive.

We have regressed heavily on potty training at home and out and about. He doesn't want to go. As I said a couple posts ago.. with family and friends, schedule changes and the Holidays... I don't think I will really push until January. I will be glad when the diaper chapter is over. He also is coughing this evening... hoping it's just drainage. Little guy hasn't ever really been sick.

Echo...ECho... Echo...

Okay... not funny. I know... It's still early to my brain.

We, Benji and I, are currently getting ready to go into Nashville.

Our first stop will be at Childrens Heart where we will see Dr. Hermo. This is Benji's six month echocardiogram. We got good news back in May, we are praying for even better news this go. He's been off of the propranolol since the May visit.

We are praying that Benji will be able to stay calm during the echo. With his Sensory Processing Disorder all the gel and the actual echo wand tickles him ALOT. It gets him worked up and he doesn't like to lay still for it.

The echo is at 10am.

After the echo we have Occupational Therapy at Bill Wilkerson. That appointment is at 1am. I am feeling sorry for Robyn. If Benji is predictable, he will be a handful for therapy.

Little man also has drainage and a cough. So... praying that clears up soon.

I will send an update as soon as I can!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bear Hunt

So, remember yesterday how I had said they are doing bears in school with Benji? And he took his Raccoon?

Seems somebody has developed fear all of a sudden. He wouldn't go tot he bathroom last night because the bear would get him. He refused to sleep in his bed because the bear would get him.

This wasn't just a tantrum, he cried, no sobbed for 20 minutes outside my bedroom door. Britt couldn't even calm him down. *sigh* So he slept with me and Jeff. I never sleep well when he is with us. However, Benji is still asleep right now. He gets to sleep in a bit since Nana is going to stay with him when I go to MOPs.

The boy isn't afraid to jump off of things no matter how high. He's not afraid of climbing, he loves swinging high to the sky, but he is afraid of bears that don't exist. I think his imagination is working a touch too much.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Benji and Ronnie

Benji is a bit tired after preschool today. He's been off since his flu shot at the end of October. Mostly lack of consistency... suppose 'normal' won't be back until after the holidays. *sigh*

On October 28th we got the flu shot.

On November 3rd we cut back occupational therapy to biweekly.

On the 9th we had the 7yo's birthday party. It was just family, but still... change from the norm

November 18th we started taking a friend to school with us.

The 21st and 22nd we had the 14yo's sleepover and that put a monkey wrench in consistency too. Extra people always makes it hard.

Then there was Thanksgiving, and family, and food and school only one day that week. Physical Therapy was canceled due to the holiday and then OT got moved to Dec 8th.

So... normally on Monday's when we have OT we go into Nashville up to the Bill Wilkerson Center at Vanderbilt for the occupational therapy. This week we went in to Dickson for his Physical Therapy. He wouldn't or couldn't focus on what was needed to be done. Very difficult guy. To add to it, he has quit using the potty again.

He does good at school, it's just once he gets home or if we are out and about, he has alot of accidents now.

Back to the picture... This week they are themed on bears. Remarkably, Benji doesn't have any stuffed bears. (really have no clue how that has happened) So, I explained to him that he needed to bring a stuffed toy to school and with alot of finesse on my part got him to taking Ronnie the Raccoon. This morning he was very worried that he would get in trouble for taking a toy to school. I explained the note his teacher sent and showed it to him and read it to him. Then he was afraid he would leave it.

So, dropped Benji and his friend off at school this morning, explained to the teacher that he thought he was going to be in trouble and she told him that this time they needed to bring it.

When I picked them up this afternoon... Benji was terribly upset that he left his raccoon at school and that it would be forever lost. (Ronnie was in his backpack)

So.. that's why Ronnie made today's picture.

Ronnie that Raccoon is a special stuffed animal that Benji got when he was in the hospital as a baby having heart surgery. Saving Little Hearts makes care packages for kids having heart surgery and Benji received one. I encourage you if you are looking for a charity to give to, to donate to them. They have monthly meetings and connect families together. Plus they do the care packages.

On to the next day in our crazy life... here's to praying that the little guy gets potty trained sooner than later. And that he settles out and we have a good December.

OH!! I forgot to tell you just incase I don't update before then. Benji goes for his echo on December 8th. When we went in May I had prayed that the Dr. would be shocked. His stenosis numbers went from 68 to 22 (the lower the better), the coarctation repair is beautiful. Our prayer now is that his aortic valve will be completely healed and no longer bicuspid. (suppose to have 3 flaps instead of 2)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Recovery

Somebody is wiped out. Seems all the food and all the company was a bit much for the little guy.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Treats

Enjoying homemade icing

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Indian Corn

Benji made candy corn at school last week... it's so cute... he is doing crafts that he never would have attempted before! He used to hate glue.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fall Picture

As you can imagine... it took a bit to get a good shot. We had gone to Montgomery Bell State Park and a friend of ours Dana did the pictures of the whole family. I think this is the best single shot of Benj... he was having a hard time though. He didn't want his picture taken that day and we were at the park... near the creek... and trees... and.. and.. LOL
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Monday, October 27, 2008

New Food!

Mom made meatless meat loaf and put it in muffin pan so that it was bite sized. I loved them! They were GREAT!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Apple Tree picture

Before fall break Benji made an apple tree! Isn't it so cute! That is his forearm and hand that was in paint! It wasn't that long ago that he would have pitched an absolute fit before getting in paint. He still wants it cleaned off as soon as possible, but at least now he will do it.

The apple is Benji name tag for the unit.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Musically Inclined?

We had a laugh when I walked into Britt's room this evening. Sitting on the bed was Benji trying to figure out how to play the Alto Sax. It was so cute, I obviously had to take a picture.

Looks like we have another musician on our hands. He does love to sing songs and make up his own songs too... Such a cutie.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

12 of 12

Thanks to Chad Darnell's 12 of 12...

I am Benji... if you are new here... there is alot about me. I was born with congenital heart defects that caused me to have closed heart surgery when I was just a week old. Either due to the surgery or as a companion to the defects I also have sensory processing disorder, hypotonia, ketotic hypoglycemia and I also have some issues with me feet. I am the youngest of 6.

12:38 pm Outta Church
Just finished church and leaving to do errands around town. That's me with one of my sisters, Kimmie.

12:47pm Driving Around in my automobile
On our way to I believe Lowe's. Mom and Dad have decided to destroy my living room and keep me from watching TV... it's going on 9 days now.
1:55pm Gas Stop
Lowe's is done... now mom says we have to have gas so we can go somewhere tomorrow.. I don't know where, my OT got rescheduled... hmmm.

2:21pm LUNCH!
Cool! we got to go to Burger King for lunch and I got Chicken Fries! (not really but that is what I call them. It's the chicken tenders kids meal) That is my sister Britt next to me and Josh on the other side.

3:08pm Play Ground!
This is the play area at Burger King! I ran through the tubes and made my sisters chase me. I hid from my brothers too!

3:58pm Home
And now we are home... we had to run back to Lowe's for something... Mom ran in while we waited for her with dad. This is our house... see Bob?

4:02pm Nap Time
I don't like nap time... I'm very afraid I will miss something. Truth is I am very tired and I am afraid if I sit still I will fall asleep.

5:50pm Play!!
I convinced mom that she should let me go outside and play instead of stay in bed. (Which I wasn't doing anyway)

5:51pm Swinging in the Tree
Me and Bubba playing with the swing while Daisy is keeping an eye on us.

6:37pm Helping out
Kimmie found some peppers in the garden and she let me and Bubba help... it got dark real quick didn't it?

6:46pm Lookie!
Here's the peppers we found! And there is some of the gourds from the pumpkin patch yesterday. We went to and had a blast of fun yesterday. If you are in the area, you should go!

8:19pm But...
Mommmmmm.... i'm tooooooo cute to go to bed.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Please??? Please Mom?

so... after trying to stay milk free for 3 yrs, we let Benji have an ice cream .... we will see what happens....

EDITS:: That night Benji seemed to be fine... it wasn't until the Monday morning. All progress that we had made in the potty training department was eliminated. He didn't have the white/grey poops like he used to... but they sure where stinky and it took nearly a week to get his system back to normal. So, back to the no milk product diet.

Friday, October 03, 2008

The Friday was Crazy

So... after a crazy day we manage to get Benji to take a nap. You may ask what exactly was going on that we would love the occurrence of a nap?

This morning was a struggle to get going... he wanted today to be a 'sleep' day. Convinced to get dressed and get going we made it to PT though. He didn't really want to listen at therapy. He was showing his independence and stubbornness alot.

Then we got home and he was determined to watch his Noggin and keep the kitty cat from eating his 'chicken fries'. He was reminded several times to not jump on the couch and to not walk on the coffee table. Then we had to remind Benji that while the cars go fast down the hallway it was not the Bristol Speedway. At least Murphy got her exercise in by being chased by the cars. LOL

When we went to pick up J to take him to OT all Benji wanted to do was run and play and be very hyper. Once we got J in the truck... Benji was talking a mile a minute.

And all of a sudden....

Once we got on the interstate..

The truck got VERY quiet... very very quiet.

I looked in the rear view mirror and saw J looking out the window and there, behind me was a sleeping Benji. Part of me was overjoyed! Finally a nap! Then I realized that once we got to J's OT that I would have to figure out how to get Benji out and to the appointment without waking him. Thankfully, I had the umbrella stroller with me. (that old thing has been practically worn out... I need a new one)

So... Benji slept in the stroller through most of the OT session and stayed in it till we got back in the truck. And then he had lunch. And was off to the races again.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Slow Day

Benji had a sleepy day today. This morning he laid around on Momma's bed and watched some Noggin. He wasn't in the mood to eat much... pudding, a banana, and some bunny grahams. He did enjoy watching mom and dad working around the house.

One the way into therapy, Benji fell asleep. Such a cutie pie. Then for occupational therapy they started on the playground. (Who knew they would think to put a playground on the roof?) Once playtime on the playground was they did a craft project with his name. (wrote his name with glue and then poured sand over it.)

He also played with puzzles, one was zoo animals and the other had a whole bunch of different locks on it. He then played with a toy with cogs.

For snack it was a slice of orange and some 'puffs' with apple juicy juice.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Colorful Day

This is Benji's tshirt that he tie dyed last week at school. They did it on Wednesday and he wore his blue camo tshirt with Cars stickers.

I think he did a wonderful job! They used the spray dye which can be hard for Benj given the hypotonia. His hands tend to tire.

The shirt is cute and he is very proud of it... his "paint shirt".

He is very proud of himself with this shirt. And momma is very proud of him.

Monday, September 22, 2008

So, Mom is thinking...

I was thinking about Benji's diagnosis' here lately. And it's not that I am worried, more so concerned and there is a difference. Something in my gut is telling me that we are missing something. Let me explain.

Benji was born and at about 18 hours we got the notion that something was wrong with his heart. The resident pediatrician at Baptist heard a murmur and was concerned. He wanted to have it checked immediately instead of waiting a few days. That led to the craziest week I think I have ever had in my life. Within 10 hours Benji had his first of many echos, the cardiologist discovered that Benji has a bicuspid aortic valve which resulted in the murmur. That in an of itself is not a red alert, people live their entire lives with the malformed valve and are okay. His has stenosis too so that gives him yellow to orange alert. It has to be monitored. The red alert was his aorta as it come out of the heart, he had what was called a CoArctation of the aorta. The aorta was too narrow to allow the blood to flow to the lower extremities. So at one week of age Benji had closed heart surgery. The surgery used a process of subclavian flap to fix the aorta. They also closed the patent ductus arterious. So... symptom one, Heart defects.

While he was in childrens it was suggested that he be monitored for hypotonia especially with his hips. His first pediatrician didn't think anything about it. But we got hooked up with Early Intervention and Foundations and they were concerned with it. Kept referring to him having low tone. I have just recently come to understand this. It doesn't mean that he's not strong. It means that neurologically the muscles aren't working the way they are suppose to. So.. symptom two, hypotonia.

Once Benji was home and settled, we noticed that if I nursed him after drinking milk or eating cheese, or ice cream little guy would get really bad gas and sometimes throw up. So we removed milk products from my diet and he did great. He nursed for 14 months after the doctors told me that he probably would have to be a bottle fed baby. But, he was definitely allergic to milk. So... symptom three, lactose & casein intolerant.

We also noticed Benji was particular about fabrics. He loves satin and smooth fabrics where the rough fabrics upset him. When he was little little he LOVED going to the store and such, you know when babies typically get overwhelmed? Now he gets overwhelmed... now that he is 3. A few months before his third birthday he was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder and borderline PDD-NOS or Asperger's The problem there is that he matches AS except that he also has Speech Apraxia according to the SLP. So... SID, possible autism, and Speech Apraxia.

Then to make things fun last December we got the dx of ketotic hypoglycemia after he had a hypoglycemic seizure when his sugar dropped to 22. They at first thought that maybe his propranolol could have contributed to it but he's been off since May and over the summer we had two incidences where it dropped to the 60s after play outside in the heat.

And the last thing is he is flat footed and bow legged. LOL... seriously now... his ankles pronate and he is to wear inserts that help him ALOT.

Anyhow... my concern is with all of this going on with him and all the therapy he is getting, are we missing something? Is there a bigger dx that includes all of this? And no, he doesn't have Downs Syndrome and it's not Cerebal Palsy. My concern goes along the lines of it being something neurological. My dad has progressive super nuclear palsy (Parkinson's Plus), my great aunt had MS, and my grandmother has essential tremors.

Anyhow... I am going to get him back into the peds here within the month to push for neurological testing. I think that is the next best step. I know when we went through the genetic testing they had asked if neurology sent us to them.

Gotta go... gotta leave in 15 minutes...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

He Loves His Cars

he is so funny. Today at preschool they are to wear old clothes because they are making tie dye. I was concerned because all of Benji's shirts just about are Cars related and to get one messed up would not be a good thing. Anyhow, I got this idea and he went along with it. He is actually wearing a t-shirt and sweets. To keep him happy he has stickers on; one of McQueen and one of Mater.

My silly Cars loving boy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

12 of 12

This is the first time on this blog doing the 12 of 12, but I figure why not? Sure... I'm only 3 and they say I might be less than perfect by why should that keep me doing the 12 of 12? Maybe it will help somebody... you never know until you get yourself out there..
So, as I said I am 3. The name is Benji, I like my full name though because it's Benjamin as in ben-jamin. Cool huh? Anyhow... I was born with a couple heart defects, nothing too major, they repaired the bad one and the other is doing a wait and see. The awesome thing is that right now I am just being observed. No meds, no restrictions really... aside from no football or other things that could involve a strong impact. I also have hypoglycemia, my sugar drops if I go too long without eating or if I get too hot. Sometimes it will drop when I am sick too... this can be tricky for mom because some days I just don't want to eat.
Getting to the other stuff... I have developmental delays and the doctors told my mom that I may have a form of autism. I do have sensory processing disorder and that gives mom alot of fun. I am sensory seeking and sensory defensive. Mom walks a fine line many days. But I love her and she's really good with it. She tries to be understanding when I have my bad moments or days. I think it's hard for her sometimes especially if I get tired at a store. People give her strange looks and tell her that she should spank me sometimes. I don't know how to express my self all the time, and sometimes I get so over stimulated it even catches me off guard.
So.. on to the 12... that is.. if you are still with me. You are aren't you?

7:45am Hello!
I got up this morning about 7:30. I was missing my sister Brittany at first, then I realized everybody but mom was gone. Then I remembered, they had to go to school... I just wasn't ready to face that this morning. So, I got in my swing (It's really cool, mom made it and it hangs from the ceiling. I am all wrapped up snug and can swing to my heart's content... most of the time at least.) I stayed in the swing until my stomach woke up.. LOL... I suppose that's how most of us are huh?

8:10am Breakfast
Breakfast was simple. Honey Nut Cheerios. I know that is not what the box says, but saving a couple dollars and avoiding High Fructose Corn Syrup is a good thing for me. My body doesn't recognize HFCS as sugar so it doesn't help keep my sugar levels healthy. I didn't have milk in my cereal this morning, usually have almond milk. (I am allergic to cow's milk and intolerant to soy, makes it interesting at the dinner table...)

10:35am Potty Time!
Yeah... little bit on the personal side, but this is a big step for me. I have had a hard time learning to stay clean and dry. Mom thinks it's because of the sensory issues. Which it is possible because the surgery to fix my heart could have caused some damage to my spinal cord and I may not feel everything I should. Or... as mom says it may just be because I am a boy... not sure how to take that mom. Anyhow.. I can most of the time use the potty when I just need to go pee. Go ME!

10:45am Lunch!
I eat lunch early since I go to school. I only have snack at school since it's only 3 hours. On the menu today was peanut butter and honey on wheat bread with almond milk mixed with Ovaltine. Yummy!

11:30am Off to School
Off to school we go. I'm holding the door open for mom here. I like my school, I have fun there with my friends and today I get to meet some new friends.

11:30am Look!
Isn't it pretty? I love flutter byes... Mom has alot of flowers that the flutter byes visit and dance around. This one said hello to us on the way to the truck.

2:45pm Going back home
Mom just picked me up from school. I had a good day aside from having to go #2. I just don't like #2...
I did all my activities and centers well. I even shared with my friends today. I was just so happy to see them! During the summer we only had a couple play dates with other friends so being back in school is great! And guess what? Because I was good and did everything my teachers asked me to i got a toy! And it's a toy car! I love toy cars!

2:45pm Wow...
My school is way back in the background... look at all these parents picking up their kids... I didn't know there were that many kids in my school. WOW.

5:30pm Don't adjust your screen
I'm not happy. Micah got a transformer toy from his teacher and I didn't get anything. I have a transformer toy but I can't find it and it's not fair. Mom says I got a toy car at school but that was then... this is now... I want a transformer toy.
Mom!!! I want it!! I really really want it!!! MOM!!!

5:35pm Crash
Okay, so I'm tired and I didn't think it was fair that Micah got the toy and I couldn't find mine... can we get over it already? Turn Noggin on already... seriously... er...
I went outside and played for about an hour with my brothers... Mom took a picture but the camera ate it so I can't put it here. I love playing in the willow tree though... letting the branches run across me as I run under it. I also like playing in the dog's pool.. LOL... it's one of those turtles that most people fill up with sand. The dog like to cool off in it.

10:22pm Sleepy
Finally, I fell asleep while watching Noggin in mom and dad's bed. I don't like sleeping because I might miss something. I also don't like to sleep alone. I will probably end up in Mom and Dad's bed or in bed with Britt. I just don't like being alone.
i would have one more picture but the memory on mom's phone filled up too fast.... sorry...