Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bear Hunt

So, remember yesterday how I had said they are doing bears in school with Benji? And he took his Raccoon?

Seems somebody has developed fear all of a sudden. He wouldn't go tot he bathroom last night because the bear would get him. He refused to sleep in his bed because the bear would get him.

This wasn't just a tantrum, he cried, no sobbed for 20 minutes outside my bedroom door. Britt couldn't even calm him down. *sigh* So he slept with me and Jeff. I never sleep well when he is with us. However, Benji is still asleep right now. He gets to sleep in a bit since Nana is going to stay with him when I go to MOPs.

The boy isn't afraid to jump off of things no matter how high. He's not afraid of climbing, he loves swinging high to the sky, but he is afraid of bears that don't exist. I think his imagination is working a touch too much.

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