Thursday, January 01, 2015

Another chapter to write

This past year has been a year of growth and a year of challenges.

An increase in silent meltdowns have been challenging. Health issues have left us concerned. Emotional maturity has brought some relief.

We know there will always be challenges to overcome. The road traveled is not smooth, yet it is not as rugged as others that we know.

The silent meltdowns have mostly appeared in instances that are uncontrollable. (Don't they usually?) There will be too much sensory or mental input and the switch turns off. There just has to be understanding and comfort when this happens. We do still get those other meltdowns where all the emotion comes out. We are thankful that most times it just takes a calm loving voice with favorite essential oils to calm him.

Early in the year we were having daily migraines at school and were put on medication to help sleep. While the medication helped with the sleep and ultimately the migraines, hyperactivity and lack of focus became a major issue. We tried medication for the sake of academics. It did not last long when anger and lashing out developed. Over the summer, we stopped medication and started using essential oils. The results have been amazing and we don't have a set protocol yet.

This summer we had an amazing time at camp thanks to Ranger Josh and the Montgomery Bell State Park. They have a yearly camp for those with special needs and it was great! There was archery, canoes, rock climbing, learning about nature, making some great friends, swimming, and more. It was really an amazing time of being able to be true to myself. Then I was able to join PALS for baseball in September. It was amazing! But it was hot and I got tired easy.

This fall we have had some health issues. After a dental cleaning we developed an unknown infection that attacked the lymphatic system. Misery does not quite describe the situation. There was blood-work and an ultrasound on the lymph nodes in the neck. Everything came back clear aside from a high white cell count. After two different antibiotics and essential oils, the infection FINALLY decided to go away. Unfortunately, this has made it easier to become ill.

Once I got back to school from the lymphatic infection, I was able to go to a Vanderbilt Girls Basketball game with the school field trip. It was, overwhelming. I wouldn't mind going back with a much smaller group and after I learn a bit about basketball.

The last couple weeks I have been fighting what we believe is the flu. It is not fun. I haven't ran fever in a little over a week, but the fatigue and cough is hanging on. Yet, not sure if the fatigue is new or not. I have been getting tired easier.

This year may be ending on a low not with my health, but there has been a lot of growth. There are still a lot of sensory issues I deal with like noise levels. There are a lot of food sensitivities and allergies that I have to deal with. Mom's essential oils help with my sleeping and usually keep me pretty "normal" instead of hyper. I would rather read a great book or play video games any day, but I am doing okay in school.

Looking forward to a new chapter in my life that we pray will involve a lot more progress!