Friday, May 28, 2010

Day #2 of Summer (officially)

Today is the first Friday of summer break. It is technically our second full day of Summer Break.

It started out to be a fun day. Me and my brothers were playing with dominoes and making robots and planes with Legos. Just before lunch mom told us if we got all of our chores done and ate, that we would go bowling. So we got to it.

After lunch we loaded up in the car and went to Thunder Alley Family Center, it has bowling, putt putt, batting cages, etc.. I wasn't sure what to think about it at first. We had gone bowling before but it was at a different place. I liked the shoes though. They were cool.

I did okay by myself the first couple of turns but then the ball got heavy and I needed help. (mom note - Benji has hypotonia and sensory integration disorder, not sure which was being the problem with the bowling. The ball was a 6lb jr ball.) After the first game I was pretty wore out but mom said we had another game to play. I was more or less done though and started having problems sitting still while waiting my turn. I was wanting to through myself on the floor and climb around on the tables. Mom took it all in stride though, she gave me big hugs and rubbed my back some. She even let me get some popcorn.

I did decide that I like bowling, I just don't like the waiting. (mom note - Benji has five siblings and the first game took FOREVER to get done.) I hope next time we go that maybe we can eat and maybe bring some friends. Or maybe go in the arcade.

After bowling we got back home to pick up one of my sister's friends and then we went to my Uncle's house. We went there to celebrate Memorial Day. Mom said we celebrate it to honor those that protect our country. And that my papa, two of my uncle's and two of my cousins have all been or are in the military.

I am having a hard time settling down though. I wore my hug vest while at my uncle's because mom said the hugs should calm me down. They did, but I didn't want to calm down. But now it's bed time so I guess I have to. Good Night. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Comes

Tomorrow is the official last day of school for Benji's pre-K year. As I listen to him play Lego Batman on the PS2, I smile and I cry at the same time.

This has been a remarkable year for Benji. He met 90% of his goals in school and other than home therapy we have reached a plateau. I say plateau because we do not know what the future will bring.

Benji can write his name, count to 12, say his alphabet, recognize numbers, letters, and shapes. He can dress himself and even match most of the time! We are fully potty trained, no accidents in forever!

From the outside looking in, Benji appears to be "normal", if there is such a thing.

We still have days where things are just too much. Those days are full of mom rubbing his back, wearing the hug vest, doing exercises on the trampoline, and sitting in the sling swing. That doesn't sound too bad until one realizes that even with all of that, Benji may still be "stuck".

See different things happen when Benji gets stuck. He can get stuck in an emotion or a topic or an action. If he is determined to be angry, we have to figure out what has happened. It's not very easy when you have five siblings and mom and dad. This results in mom and dad walking a thin line to rectify a wrong without making one of the siblings a victim. You might ask about how Benji being angry can turn one of his siblings into a victim... Benji sees things with Benji glasses. Sometimes nobody has to do anything at all, and Benji will get upset. He perceives that one of his brothers moved something, or took a favorite toy. Then he is upset until there is an apology, which isn't always easy to get. But he is doing better.

Right now, Benji misses his teacher. He doesn't understand why she had to leave school early. And while the other two teachers are there, he really wants to see the lead teacher. I think he understands that it is the end of the school year and he's afraid he won't get to see her again. We are working things out so he will and he will be happy once again.