Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Life with CHD, keeps you busy.

It has been awhile since I've updated. I apologize to those that keep up.

In June 2018, I had a heart cath because the numbers with my bicuspid valve and the aortic insufficiency were not the best. The year leading up to the cath was difficult as I was put on full restrictions and had to limit what I was able to do physically.

For a preteen, that kinda stunk. I wanted to run around and ride my bike and climb trees, but I was told it wouldn't be the best. CHD has a lot of effects on a person that not everyone realizes.

I am diagnosed with anxiety disorder and one of the ways I have always combated it was by being physically active. When that was limited, there were repercussions. 7th grade was very difficult and I ended up being pulled from public school. Looking back, it was a good thing.


After the recovery from my heart cath, I am told my heart is functioning the best it ever has. I am still not "cured", there will still be regular 6 month check ups for a while and maybe eventually going back to annual. I am now released with no restrictions as long as I stay hydrated and take rests when needed. (WooHoo!)

After my checkup in April, I signed up to do Tae kwon do. Yes, I did it in the past. When I was younger I worked all the way up to red belt with stripes and was 3 months from my black belt. That was WTF Tae Kwon Do. It is the discipline that participates in the Olympics. When I signed up in April, it is with CTF Tae Kwon Do. Both are good disciplines, both keep you active and help with focus. I am currently at a yellow senior belt. Being able to participate in a challenging physical activity really helps me. I love it.

TKD also qualifies for my physical education credit with home-school!

Homeschool is doing okay. I would rather play guitar or dig a hole though. 9th grade is a big thing.

So now we are here. October.

Had my heart checkup Monday.  My bicuspid aortic valve has remained stable for the last year. There is aortic insufficiency but right now it is mild. The aortic arch has maintained its repair perfectly from its correction in 2005.

Wednesday I start rehearsals for the fall/holiday concerts I am part of with The Quest Center of Dickson.

It's good to know I am in a season of grace. Mom has said she won't put her guard down, but we will enjoy this season.