Thursday, January 05, 2012

It's a New Year with High Hopes

I am so excited! First and foremost mom is trying to see what she can do about getting tickets so I can see TobyMac on my birthday. I love TobyMac and he is doing a concert in Clarksville the night of my birthday. Since it is 'unplugged' we think with my sunglasses and headphones it won't be a problem. I am just really hoping I can go.

Other than that, I am trying to talk mom into homeschooling me. She laughed because of my reasoning, but I have really thought it out. If I were homeschooled I could sleep in, we could do lots of field trips, and she wouldn't have to worry about if the teachers or classmates gave me things to eat that I shouldn't have. She did say she would think about it for the fall... so I need to convince her. :)

I have belt testing in Tae Kwon Do next Saturday, this week is pizza party where we celebrate the birthdays of the month. My brothers started tkd this week.

I did have a boo boo yesterday. Got a goose-egg at school that resulted in me going to the nurse. I'm okay, but it hurt. It did upset me that mom kept me with her at church instead of going to kids church, but I was tired and after playing fruit ninja for awhile I took a nap.