Monday, December 20, 2010

O! Christmas Tree

Benji's 2010 Christmas Tree
Benji is finally satisfied with his Christmas tree this year. He decorated with his favorite 'Cars' ornaments, 'Toothless' from How To Train a Dragon, 'Ironhide' from the Transformers G1 series... And a snowflake beanie baby along with a few plain ornaments and snowflake garland.

In order to encourage creativity we let the kids decorate the tree in their room. (Benji happens to just have his own) It allows them to have an active part in Christmas with the decorating along with learning why we celebrate Christmas.

Benji's favorite part is when the lights blink on and off when the lights in the room are off. It entrances him.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Deck the Halls and Party at the School House

Benji got his wish today, they went back to school. It was almost silly with it being a half day and all, but it was Party day before Christmas Break.

Benji and his Best Friend at the Christmas party
It was a quaint little non-eventful party. (Which I suppose is the best kind when you have a room full of 5 and 6 year olds.) There was food, cookies, sausage balls, more cookies, red jello, grapes, and pigs in a blanket. There was red koolaid, chocolate milk, and orange juice. (I was so very glad we brought the grapes and some of Benji's snack juices.)

After the eating was present time. For the gift exchange the kids were asked to bring in a book. Benji brought in Super Friends: Flying High (DC Super Friends) and also Brain Freeze! (DC Super Friends). They are Step in To Reading Books that encourage children to read. Benji loves them because he loves super heroes. When they exchanged presents, Benji got the book Let It Snow which is a very cute and colorful book about a snow day. Benji's teacher gave him the book Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere!

After the gift exchange there was a short movie Raggedy Ann & Andy Great Santa Caper. It was cute and even held the kids attention for a little while. But then it was time to go.

And go we did. There were a few things that happened and where said that I am mulling over right now. That will be another post some other day. :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Changing the date on the calendar
In hopes to calm sweet precious Benji down with the excitement of Christmas coming we picked up a numbered advent calendar. It was a minimal investment of $2 or $3 and has calmed the excitement down so that we can handle it. Now instead of waking up every morning and asking if today is Christmas, Benji runs to his calendar to check and then changes the date.

We are so glad that his "Countdown to Jesus' Birthday" calendar is doing a magnificent job at letting him know how long to the date and he can visually see the date coming closer. We only wish we got it sooner. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow is.... yucky!

A brief moment that the snow was okay
So, here in middle Tennessee we got a nice bit of snow. In our yard it measured just a touch over 5 inches. For us, that is a lot of snow.

For Benji, he normally like the 2-3 inches we get with the temperatures right around freezing. This snow is completely different for him. We haven't been over 26 for 3 days. Our lows have been in the single digits. (In fact this morning it was 4') He went outside on Sunday, when the picture was taken, but once he got cold he was done with it.

Between the snow being wet and cold, and not going to school this week has been hard for Benji. He is hoping that they go back tomorrow, but only the roads will determine that. Potential for more ice/snow/sleet is coming tomorrow and we are pretty sure that would knock out hopes of school for the rest of the week here.

Stay warm! Be Blessed!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Good Check Up

Benji went to the cardiologist Friday.

Benji has a repaired coarctation of the aorta and a bicuspid aortic valve. Since he was a year old he has been going for 6 month checkups to keep an eye on things. His last two check ups prior to this one there was minimal change with the valve and we were praying the same for this one (or better!).

Height: 47 inches
Weight 49.8 pounds

Pulsox 97% (this is oxygen in the blood 95+ is great)
Blood Pressure in the right arm 79/64  right leg 90/55 with pulse of 65

Because of the CoArctation repair, blood pressure can not be taken in the left arm because there is not a subclavian artery. (The repair was the subclavian flap) Also because of the corrected defect blood pressure has to be taken upper and lower to ensure good blood flow. All of his stats were good.

After the doctor did the echo-cardiogram with all the measurements and everything, she said he was looking really good. Benji even did well during the check up with no crying and being fairly cooperative. He still does not like the ultrasound gel used during the echo though.

The awesome news is that everything is stable, the repair is still beautiful and the valve is unchanged. As long as he is not symptomatic our next visit is in a year! We have reached another positive milestone! YA! And that is a big praise God!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

What Really Matters...

The weight of the issues with school, illness, sensory overload, concern with other things tend to cause us (Benji's mom & dad) to lose touch with the big picture. I believe that is why Benji is the weigh he is. He is a charmer, a very intelligent and complaint child. While he may have his quirks and needs, at just the right times God uses him to point out the obvious.

Last night Benji had a spike of a fever once we got to church. We decided to keep him with us while his brothers went to class and his sisters went to youth group. Since it was not that high of a fever, we stayed in the youth center where Contemporary Christian Music was playing. We were trying to get him to lie down and rest but failed, miserably.

It was not until Benj started dancing (read spinning around in no specific pattern bumping into things while cranking up the hyperactivity) that we actually got on to him. He was bumping into thing and we were afraid he would get hurt. After the second time we got onto him, the music slowed to a worshipful song and Benji looked like he was doing a dance performance that seemed to be calculated and deliberate. Once he realized we were watching him, he stopped.

Then he looked at us and asked, "what?" Daddy smiled and said, "what are you doing, bud?" Benji smiled and looked up with his arms out gently swinging, "I worshippin' Jesus."

With all that is going on, all the craziness... There is one little five year old boy with some special needs that seems to get it better than some adults.

Thank you Benji, for your innocence.
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