Monday, December 13, 2010

A Good Check Up

Benji went to the cardiologist Friday.

Benji has a repaired coarctation of the aorta and a bicuspid aortic valve. Since he was a year old he has been going for 6 month checkups to keep an eye on things. His last two check ups prior to this one there was minimal change with the valve and we were praying the same for this one (or better!).

Height: 47 inches
Weight 49.8 pounds

Pulsox 97% (this is oxygen in the blood 95+ is great)
Blood Pressure in the right arm 79/64  right leg 90/55 with pulse of 65

Because of the CoArctation repair, blood pressure can not be taken in the left arm because there is not a subclavian artery. (The repair was the subclavian flap) Also because of the corrected defect blood pressure has to be taken upper and lower to ensure good blood flow. All of his stats were good.

After the doctor did the echo-cardiogram with all the measurements and everything, she said he was looking really good. Benji even did well during the check up with no crying and being fairly cooperative. He still does not like the ultrasound gel used during the echo though.

The awesome news is that everything is stable, the repair is still beautiful and the valve is unchanged. As long as he is not symptomatic our next visit is in a year! We have reached another positive milestone! YA! And that is a big praise God!
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