Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snow is.... yucky!

A brief moment that the snow was okay
So, here in middle Tennessee we got a nice bit of snow. In our yard it measured just a touch over 5 inches. For us, that is a lot of snow.

For Benji, he normally like the 2-3 inches we get with the temperatures right around freezing. This snow is completely different for him. We haven't been over 26 for 3 days. Our lows have been in the single digits. (In fact this morning it was 4') He went outside on Sunday, when the picture was taken, but once he got cold he was done with it.

Between the snow being wet and cold, and not going to school this week has been hard for Benji. He is hoping that they go back tomorrow, but only the roads will determine that. Potential for more ice/snow/sleet is coming tomorrow and we are pretty sure that would knock out hopes of school for the rest of the week here.

Stay warm! Be Blessed!

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