Thursday, December 02, 2010

What Really Matters...

The weight of the issues with school, illness, sensory overload, concern with other things tend to cause us (Benji's mom & dad) to lose touch with the big picture. I believe that is why Benji is the weigh he is. He is a charmer, a very intelligent and complaint child. While he may have his quirks and needs, at just the right times God uses him to point out the obvious.

Last night Benji had a spike of a fever once we got to church. We decided to keep him with us while his brothers went to class and his sisters went to youth group. Since it was not that high of a fever, we stayed in the youth center where Contemporary Christian Music was playing. We were trying to get him to lie down and rest but failed, miserably.

It was not until Benj started dancing (read spinning around in no specific pattern bumping into things while cranking up the hyperactivity) that we actually got on to him. He was bumping into thing and we were afraid he would get hurt. After the second time we got onto him, the music slowed to a worshipful song and Benji looked like he was doing a dance performance that seemed to be calculated and deliberate. Once he realized we were watching him, he stopped.

Then he looked at us and asked, "what?" Daddy smiled and said, "what are you doing, bud?" Benji smiled and looked up with his arms out gently swinging, "I worshippin' Jesus."

With all that is going on, all the craziness... There is one little five year old boy with some special needs that seems to get it better than some adults.

Thank you Benji, for your innocence.
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