Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ever changing...

Benji has had a hard time the last two months. Just when he got used to the schedule of himself going to school, mom started college. To help us, mom and dad, to handle it we kept chanting it takes 2 weeks for adjustment to change. Just 2 weeks!

Well... It has been 3 weeks.

At school Benji is doing well. 95% of his days are good. He is learning how to be a great friend and he is learning pre-kindergarten skills too. Unfortunately, there are those occasional "stubborn" days. These days are unique because he might have a bad moment and then recover, only for when it's pick up time and he is walking to the truck he starts crying because he didn't get a "treat". But again, we talk about it and he recovers. Most of the time.

At home... things are different. Benji has been used to mom being there 24 hours a day 7 days a week with an occasional visit from Nana to watch him. With mom being at school three days a week, this has changed. Benji doesn't know how to handle it. We have made sure to spend quality time with him (and the sibs). He is still having "emotional" episodes. At first glance these tantrums, or mini-meltdowns look to be just a tantrum. The difference is that once he gets it out there is only one person he wants and he wants to be cuddled and loved on.

The biggest concern with this is that one minute everything is fine and then it takes only one little thing to set him off. His tolerance has dropped, I don't dare take him to the store right now. We can pick out a cartoon to watch, get not even 5 minutes into and he start crying because he wanted to watch something else, even though he picked it out. Frustration is building within him it looks like.

We are praying we get into a groove again. Even if there are different behaviors, it will be good to have things consistent.