Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - June 30, 2010

I'm.... having fun in the sun.... Got my sunscreen on.... Having fun in the sun!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Still wiggling

Having a difficult time with these two loose teeth. One is very loose and barely hanging on, but I am afraid to pull it. G3 has been helping this morning, but I think it is going to hurt so I stop her from pulling it.

See it?! It's very loose... the other one is just barely loose, but the dentist said it needs to come out too.

I tried to eat an apple last night, but it hurt. 

Mom says it will come out when it's time, I heard her telling daddy that. Plus I have had sensory issues with food, so why not with my teeth... I think it would help if I could take Tylenol, but we haven't been able to find the dye-free yet. I don't like it when mom crushes the Tylenol tablet and puts it in pudding.  It still tastes bad. 

Anyhow... keeping on the wiggling...  LOL

Just keep wiggling!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Silly Saturday - June 26, 2010

This week's Silly Saturday is brought to you because Benji went gaga over his Lightning McQueen Hopper when we pumped it up with air this morning. He was .... well... perhaps you should watch.

As you see in the video... he was very silly... :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love your Smile!

I got to go to the dentist yesterday. Mom  really makes sure I go because we were told that a lot of children with congenital heart defects tend to have problems with their teeth. Since we want to be healthy and strong, we go regularly.

Before I went to the dentist though, mom had to get me some antibiotics as a precaution. The hard part is that typically I would get a liquid. It used to be amoxicillian suspension, but it has red 40 in it and I react badly to red 40. (rapid heart rate, bouncing off the walls for HOURS, once I fall asleep I wake up the next morning with a hangover, as mom calls it) So, mom had a little difficulty with the antibiotics, we had to go with the capsules and she had to open them and put it in applesauce for me to take.

The precaution is for my heart. Since I have a bicuspid aortic valve with stenosis, if there were bad bacteria on my teeth when they were cleaned it could cause a heart infection and put me in the hospital. None of us want that. :)

Finally, we all (my siblings and I) go tot he dentist and have our checkups. My teeth are good and strong for baby teeth and doing a good job with brushing. I have two wiggles (loose teeth) that need to come out ASAP because the big teeth want to come out. I have a week to wiggle them out or I will have to let Dr. Perdue pull them.

I really like Dr. Perdue, he and his staff are very nice and they understand my sensory stuff. They even took a picture of my smile they liked it so much!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here We Go

I'm not happy tonight. My sister went to her dad's again. I don't like it when she goes, and she was just gone for a WHOLE WEEK PLUS.

I didn't even get to go swimming today. Mom said she was afraid that I would get too hot. She was worried because she could see the veins in my face around my eyes. Not sure what that means. It doesn't really matter because it went away.

Me and my Bubba played Nintendo DS most of the afternoon. I was easily upset because I knew about my sister leaving. (I have two others but there is just something about G3) I didn't understand that it would just be for the night and she will be back tomorrow.

I did get to go see my Nana! and Papa! We played outside on the swingset and then inside with wooden blocks and Hot Wheels. Bubba made a race track that we raced the cars on and B1 raced the cars with us.

I can't wait until tomorrow, it's Father's Day. So I get to wish Daddy a Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sleeping and Wiggles

Good Morning. Mom is actually posting this (duh?) because I am still asleep. I have been sleeping a lot lately. Well, the last couple days.

I had a hard time sleeping while two of my sisters were away, they went to their dad's to go on vacation. I have a very close bond to my youngest sister. (G3 as mom calls her on the family blog) So while she was gone I was upset and very clingy to mom. Which mom understood, it was just there where things that had to get done that mom had to do.

Anyhow, so since Sunday when they got home I have been sleeping A LOT. I will go to bed around 9pm and well, I am still asleep and it's after 9am. Mom thinks I am growing. She says that because B2 will do the same.

The other important thing is that I have craziness going on with my teeth!

It appears I am getting my 6 year molars (I am only 5!) plus I have my first loose tooth! Mom says we are going to the dentist soon. And she keeps telling me to leave the wiggle tooth alone. I don't really like my teeth being messed with. It feels funny and weird.

Well, I just got out of bed, so mom's got to fix breakfast for me and my brothers. :)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Six Month Checkup

Yesterday, I went to my Cardiologist. Dad got to go with us this time, Dr. Hermo was surprised to see him. LOL.

The basics... I am 46 1/2 inches tall and 45.1 pounds. (Or at least I was yesterday)

Stats. Due to my defect my blood pressure has to be taken in my right arm. Yesterday my blood pressure was 80/61. To check that I have equal pressures Dr. Hermo also checked my blood pressure in left leg. It was 85/67. The oxygen was 97% with 90 pulse.

The echo was pretty much uneventful. I was a very good boy and stayed still for the pictures. The CoArctation Repair is still perfect. My Aortic Valve is bicuspid with mild stenosis.

This time Dr. Hermo also did an EKG and she said everything looked good.

The only thing we have to watch on is no aggressive sports (no football, soccer, etc) and if I play other sports, the coaches have to understand that I will get tired quicker than the other kids. For school, I have no restrictions as long as the teachers understand that I have to stay hydrated, not get over-heated and to be able to rest when I get tired.

After the check up we went to the Zoo. I was sad that the Bengal cubs weren't there anymore. I did get to see the big Bengal Tigers, the Eurasian Leopard, the Lynx and then the Reptile House.