Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here We Go

I'm not happy tonight. My sister went to her dad's again. I don't like it when she goes, and she was just gone for a WHOLE WEEK PLUS.

I didn't even get to go swimming today. Mom said she was afraid that I would get too hot. She was worried because she could see the veins in my face around my eyes. Not sure what that means. It doesn't really matter because it went away.

Me and my Bubba played Nintendo DS most of the afternoon. I was easily upset because I knew about my sister leaving. (I have two others but there is just something about G3) I didn't understand that it would just be for the night and she will be back tomorrow.

I did get to go see my Nana! and Papa! We played outside on the swingset and then inside with wooden blocks and Hot Wheels. Bubba made a race track that we raced the cars on and B1 raced the cars with us.

I can't wait until tomorrow, it's Father's Day. So I get to wish Daddy a Happy Father's Day!

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