Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love your Smile!

I got to go to the dentist yesterday. Mom  really makes sure I go because we were told that a lot of children with congenital heart defects tend to have problems with their teeth. Since we want to be healthy and strong, we go regularly.

Before I went to the dentist though, mom had to get me some antibiotics as a precaution. The hard part is that typically I would get a liquid. It used to be amoxicillian suspension, but it has red 40 in it and I react badly to red 40. (rapid heart rate, bouncing off the walls for HOURS, once I fall asleep I wake up the next morning with a hangover, as mom calls it) So, mom had a little difficulty with the antibiotics, we had to go with the capsules and she had to open them and put it in applesauce for me to take.

The precaution is for my heart. Since I have a bicuspid aortic valve with stenosis, if there were bad bacteria on my teeth when they were cleaned it could cause a heart infection and put me in the hospital. None of us want that. :)

Finally, we all (my siblings and I) go tot he dentist and have our checkups. My teeth are good and strong for baby teeth and doing a good job with brushing. I have two wiggles (loose teeth) that need to come out ASAP because the big teeth want to come out. I have a week to wiggle them out or I will have to let Dr. Perdue pull them.

I really like Dr. Perdue, he and his staff are very nice and they understand my sensory stuff. They even took a picture of my smile they liked it so much!

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