Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Six Month Checkup

Yesterday, I went to my Cardiologist. Dad got to go with us this time, Dr. Hermo was surprised to see him. LOL.

The basics... I am 46 1/2 inches tall and 45.1 pounds. (Or at least I was yesterday)

Stats. Due to my defect my blood pressure has to be taken in my right arm. Yesterday my blood pressure was 80/61. To check that I have equal pressures Dr. Hermo also checked my blood pressure in left leg. It was 85/67. The oxygen was 97% with 90 pulse.

The echo was pretty much uneventful. I was a very good boy and stayed still for the pictures. The CoArctation Repair is still perfect. My Aortic Valve is bicuspid with mild stenosis.

This time Dr. Hermo also did an EKG and she said everything looked good.

The only thing we have to watch on is no aggressive sports (no football, soccer, etc) and if I play other sports, the coaches have to understand that I will get tired quicker than the other kids. For school, I have no restrictions as long as the teachers understand that I have to stay hydrated, not get over-heated and to be able to rest when I get tired.

After the check up we went to the Zoo. I was sad that the Bengal cubs weren't there anymore. I did get to see the big Bengal Tigers, the Eurasian Leopard, the Lynx and then the Reptile House.

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