Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sleeping and Wiggles

Good Morning. Mom is actually posting this (duh?) because I am still asleep. I have been sleeping a lot lately. Well, the last couple days.

I had a hard time sleeping while two of my sisters were away, they went to their dad's to go on vacation. I have a very close bond to my youngest sister. (G3 as mom calls her on the family blog) So while she was gone I was upset and very clingy to mom. Which mom understood, it was just there where things that had to get done that mom had to do.

Anyhow, so since Sunday when they got home I have been sleeping A LOT. I will go to bed around 9pm and well, I am still asleep and it's after 9am. Mom thinks I am growing. She says that because B2 will do the same.

The other important thing is that I have craziness going on with my teeth!

It appears I am getting my 6 year molars (I am only 5!) plus I have my first loose tooth! Mom says we are going to the dentist soon. And she keeps telling me to leave the wiggle tooth alone. I don't really like my teeth being messed with. It feels funny and weird.

Well, I just got out of bed, so mom's got to fix breakfast for me and my brothers. :)

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Unknown said...

Sleepy boy.