Friday, December 12, 2008

PT was good today...

I brought up to Sarah about Benji being very floppy and about Robyn mentioning Monday that his core muscles were weak. So we got core exercises going and she has shown me a few to do at home.

Sit ups on the exercise ball. We use a wooden puzzle and put the pieces on the floor behind him so he has to stretch backwards across the ball and get one piece at a time. He then sits up and puts the piece in the puzzle.

Leg lifts. This one we don't have nailed down yet, he's to lift a small ball between his feet straight up and back to his hands. (Not sure I am describing it correctly) I think I will need dad or one of the older girls to help me here. At least we have plenty of ball pit balls that are the perfect size for this one.

Swing Time. (We finally got the swing back up!) Aside from just the vestibular input he gets from swinging... we can use his swing to help strengthen those core muscles too. I need to get a rope or something that Benji can hold onto to pull himself to me while on his tummy in the swing. (we have a fabric sling swing)

There was another one, but I can't remember what it was. Anyhow... his arms are strong but his shoulders are not as strong. His legs are strong but his trunk is weak which causes his legs to fatigue. Plus with his feet... low arches and pronation... little man will overcome this.

I also had Sarah look at Benji's knee where he fell on Wednesday afternoon. She said that it appears to be a bone bruise but since he can put full weight on it and run and jump he should be fine. The swelling went away Wednesday night and she said to keep an eye on it since it was a little tender to the touch. If it swells back up then he will need an x-ray.

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