Monday, December 15, 2008

Saving Little Hearts Christmas Party

Benji was so excited to see Ronnie the Raccoon at the Saving Little Hearts Christmas Party he gave Santa the boot... lol

He had so much fun! We made a snowman picture frame and a miniature Christmas Tree. (I did more of it then he did, but we still had fun.) Benji's aversion to sticky stuff came out, he didn't want to touch the glue but had no problem squeezing it from the bottle.

When it got to picture taking time Santa was sitting where Ronnie is in the above pic, Benji was on the opposite side of the couch. LOL... He kept looking at Ronnie and going on about him so Santa got up and Ronnie sat down. As you can see, Benji has NO aversion to Ronnie the Raccoon. Plus we got a replacement stuffed Ronnie for his other one because it apparently got a little hole in it while at school for the bear hunt.

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