Monday, December 08, 2008

Echo Update

Cardiologist visit was uneventful. Praise the Lord.

Pulse-ox was 96% and Blood Pressure was 98.

Stats from right leg were 88 over 72.

Stats from right arm were 80 over 57.

This is without meds! The aorta looks great, no problems from the repair. The valve (aortic) is leaking but there has been little to no change since May.

Benji behaved wonderfully! He told Dr. Hermo all about his transformer Bumblebee. He stayed calm for the blood pressure and pulse ox. He was very curious about the echo but did as he was asked and laid still.

Benji has been okayed to do the Miracle Ball sports and T ball as long as the coaches understand he will need to rest more than normal and that heat will have a significant affect on him. (No problem there considering I am momma bear.)

OT went good. Robyn was impressed that he was willing to play in the shaving cream while "washing" the cars in the car wash. He was tired and distracted but it was expected some. She got him reined in and today was productive.

We have regressed heavily on potty training at home and out and about. He doesn't want to go. As I said a couple posts ago.. with family and friends, schedule changes and the Holidays... I don't think I will really push until January. I will be glad when the diaper chapter is over. He also is coughing this evening... hoping it's just drainage. Little guy hasn't ever really been sick.

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