Sunday, December 21, 2008

Set Backs and Improvements

Benji has had a hard couple of days lately. This past week was a bit overwhelming for him with Christmas parties and decorating and such. He never responds too well to things being different. Wednesday one of his sisters stayed home from school and then another came home early while he was at school. He got very cranky with that.

Off and on the last two weeks Benji has had minor congestion and a dry cough. Thursday it got to be a wet cough and his sugar took a dip without wanting to stay back up. The lowest it got was 73... but considering below 80 is hypoglycemic and he has ketotic hypoglycemia... I was the concerned mom. Made sure to keep his food and beverage intake written down and his outputs too. This is when we realized it is quite possibly a tummy bug with loose BMs. Called the dr and the nurse said that he needed to come in Friday, but if the sugar went below 60 to take him directly to the ER. Friday his sugar was fine but still having the loose stool. Dr said to make sure to feed him complex carbs and that he didn't feel there was really anything we needed to do right now.

Yesterday was bad... the cough got very moist and congested sounding. (Benji can't take benedryl because of his heart stuff) His sugar levels would dip but for the most part we were able to keep them between 90-120.

Last night was awful. He made Micah's croupy cough sound like nothing. Put some vapor rub on him and the texture and smell bothered him until he passed out asleep. (He was so tired that the relief it gave was better than complaining about the senses going crazy. Poor guy.)

Today we are monitoring the cough and his sugar level... he's staying between 75-91 even after eating. He has diarrhea, thankfully we have pedialyte pops. Stayed home from church so I can keep a closer eye on him.

In staying home Benji has been playing Sonic on the old Genesis... he loves it. He's doing good with the hand eye coordination. Trying to get him away from the video games I pulled out his Bilbo for him. (It's a great toy... there are so many different uses) He sits in it and spins like nobody's business. While this typically should be a surprise... Benji has hypotonia... his core muscles are weak, it's the reason he goes to physical therapy. He spun! He did it!

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