Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bear Hunt

So... last week at school Benji and his friends did a bear hunt. They also learned about bear. (Brown Bear, Bear Hunt, etc.)

We got a couple of the crafts they did from it today. I think Benji did a great job even though last Thursday was hard for him. (We think the bear hunt scared him or the anticipation got him worked up. He had a hard time listening Thursday.)

So... one bear was covered in glue and he put oatmeal on it. It's cute!

The other bear is a small paper plate with ripped construction paper and all glued on. It looks like he did a good job there.

This is such an improvement from just six months ago!

Benji still doesn't like to get sticky or to get paint or glue on his hands, but he sees that if he tolerates it long enough he can make the craft and enjoy it. Then wash hands. I am sorta glad he insists on being clean. His brothers could learn from that. LOL...

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Anonymous said...

I think they are adorable. My son doesn't like doing arts and crafts projects. When he does do one, I save it forever.