Monday, September 29, 2008

Slow Day

Benji had a sleepy day today. This morning he laid around on Momma's bed and watched some Noggin. He wasn't in the mood to eat much... pudding, a banana, and some bunny grahams. He did enjoy watching mom and dad working around the house.

One the way into therapy, Benji fell asleep. Such a cutie pie. Then for occupational therapy they started on the playground. (Who knew they would think to put a playground on the roof?) Once playtime on the playground was they did a craft project with his name. (wrote his name with glue and then poured sand over it.)

He also played with puzzles, one was zoo animals and the other had a whole bunch of different locks on it. He then played with a toy with cogs.

For snack it was a slice of orange and some 'puffs' with apple juicy juice.

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