Friday, October 03, 2008

The Friday was Crazy

So... after a crazy day we manage to get Benji to take a nap. You may ask what exactly was going on that we would love the occurrence of a nap?

This morning was a struggle to get going... he wanted today to be a 'sleep' day. Convinced to get dressed and get going we made it to PT though. He didn't really want to listen at therapy. He was showing his independence and stubbornness alot.

Then we got home and he was determined to watch his Noggin and keep the kitty cat from eating his 'chicken fries'. He was reminded several times to not jump on the couch and to not walk on the coffee table. Then we had to remind Benji that while the cars go fast down the hallway it was not the Bristol Speedway. At least Murphy got her exercise in by being chased by the cars. LOL

When we went to pick up J to take him to OT all Benji wanted to do was run and play and be very hyper. Once we got J in the truck... Benji was talking a mile a minute.

And all of a sudden....

Once we got on the interstate..

The truck got VERY quiet... very very quiet.

I looked in the rear view mirror and saw J looking out the window and there, behind me was a sleeping Benji. Part of me was overjoyed! Finally a nap! Then I realized that once we got to J's OT that I would have to figure out how to get Benji out and to the appointment without waking him. Thankfully, I had the umbrella stroller with me. (that old thing has been practically worn out... I need a new one)

So... Benji slept in the stroller through most of the OT session and stayed in it till we got back in the truck. And then he had lunch. And was off to the races again.

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