Sunday, October 12, 2008

12 of 12

Thanks to Chad Darnell's 12 of 12...

I am Benji... if you are new here... there is alot about me. I was born with congenital heart defects that caused me to have closed heart surgery when I was just a week old. Either due to the surgery or as a companion to the defects I also have sensory processing disorder, hypotonia, ketotic hypoglycemia and I also have some issues with me feet. I am the youngest of 6.

12:38 pm Outta Church
Just finished church and leaving to do errands around town. That's me with one of my sisters, Kimmie.

12:47pm Driving Around in my automobile
On our way to I believe Lowe's. Mom and Dad have decided to destroy my living room and keep me from watching TV... it's going on 9 days now.
1:55pm Gas Stop
Lowe's is done... now mom says we have to have gas so we can go somewhere tomorrow.. I don't know where, my OT got rescheduled... hmmm.

2:21pm LUNCH!
Cool! we got to go to Burger King for lunch and I got Chicken Fries! (not really but that is what I call them. It's the chicken tenders kids meal) That is my sister Britt next to me and Josh on the other side.

3:08pm Play Ground!
This is the play area at Burger King! I ran through the tubes and made my sisters chase me. I hid from my brothers too!

3:58pm Home
And now we are home... we had to run back to Lowe's for something... Mom ran in while we waited for her with dad. This is our house... see Bob?

4:02pm Nap Time
I don't like nap time... I'm very afraid I will miss something. Truth is I am very tired and I am afraid if I sit still I will fall asleep.

5:50pm Play!!
I convinced mom that she should let me go outside and play instead of stay in bed. (Which I wasn't doing anyway)

5:51pm Swinging in the Tree
Me and Bubba playing with the swing while Daisy is keeping an eye on us.

6:37pm Helping out
Kimmie found some peppers in the garden and she let me and Bubba help... it got dark real quick didn't it?

6:46pm Lookie!
Here's the peppers we found! And there is some of the gourds from the pumpkin patch yesterday. We went to and had a blast of fun yesterday. If you are in the area, you should go!

8:19pm But...
Mommmmmm.... i'm tooooooo cute to go to bed.

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