Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ugh.... Wednesday-Friday

Okay... Wednesday Benji wasn't hungry. He ate half a bowl of cereal for breakfast (that's without milk) Then for lunch he nibbled on chips and had a peanut butter sandwich. Dinner he had a hotdog no bun. To drink it was koolaid.

Thursday Benji ate cheese puffs. That was all he wanted to eat. All day. He also had orange koolaid. About 3pm - 7pm he had 5 BMs and each one got pastier and lighter with the last being nearly gray. Seems his milk sensitivity is all dairy and it looks to be caesin, not lactose.

Friday.... Benji didn't eat breakfast. He had diluted Juicie Juice. For lunch he had a chicken nuggets happy meal (4piece) and he ate all of it with sweet tea. Dinner he had a grilled cheese and orange koolaid.

Okay... words kinda diminished. While mama, mine, drink and Brittany were still obvious he said no sentences and by Thursday afternoon lost the sentences and went back to the jibberish. By jibberish I mean he was talking in his own language. Friday he was gasy and mumbly.

Behavior.Thursday he got to be a handful doing what he wanted and running all over the place. Friday he would say no and stick out his tongue if we told him to do something he didn't want to. Both nights he was difficult to get to bed.

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