Tuesday, July 03, 2007



Breakfast was half a bowl of honey nut cheerios and a cup of koolaid. Benji wasn't very hungry this morning... Really he wasn't very hungry all day...

Lunch.... He grabbed the potato chips and also had some smiles fruit snacks. More so just grazing. Had koolaid to drink... orange with half the recommended sugar.

Snacked on the chips for a bit..

Dinner had 2 chicken strips and some french fries with sweet tea. Then had some vanilla wafers.

Had more koolaid before bed.

Please, mama, I want out, Look, there, drink, drank (i.e. I drank drink), eat, dog (he said og), mine, Britt (for Brittany), come here

Sentiences.... (I am so excited to list these.)
I want drink
I want Brittany
I want out
that's mine
Brittany come here

He's been very tired and lazy today. Most of the morning he was either laying on my bed or in the living room floor. This evening he played outside for about an hour and was again tired. Trying to get him to bed has been a challenge as Brittany and Kimmie got home a little after 9 and he got excited. He missed his sisters.

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