Thursday, May 18, 2006

Benji's growing like a weed!

I apologize for taking forever to update. The young Benjamin is really growing like a weed. In the last 2 months he has grown at least 2 inches and has finally started walking in the last two weeks. We can't get the little guy to sit still. He is very determines to be independent regardless if he is wore out.

Today we took all three boys to McDonald's for lunch and then let them play in the tumble tubes. Benji was a bit nervous at first, especially with the slide. But he finally got the hang of it. Then we had a really hard time keeping him out. We were grateful it was just the boys there instead of other kids too.

So, aside from just a couple of delays, Benji is doing great! He has some weakness in his right leg and he has sensitivity issues with his hands and then also oral sensitivity. He is doing really good and we have come a long way! Benji goes for an Echo next Tuesday and I will update on that then.

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