Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Little Man

Benji is doing wonderfully! He is talking some, he has a few words and of course his favorite is no. He says it like he's singing it.. Noooo- noooo. He gets much more determined too. This morning when he got up he was practically climbing out of the crib. It was cute. When I got him out I put him on the floor and he grabbed his sipping cup and demanded "dink".

Other words.. Ma, mom, bub(this is for Micah), eat, kit (for kitty), daddddd(he draws it out that far), bye, go

He gets fitted for his braces November 16th at Nashville Orthotics. We should have them by Christmas. Then he will be getting new shoes too. He will have a sweet Christmas, lol... new shoes, presents... possibly a play set outside.

Now we just got to curb his climbing.

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