Tuesday, April 24, 2007


TEIS came out this morning. We are going to be doing the referrals for Benji. One for Speech language and comprehension. He's not talking but we are finding ways that he does communicate. The other referral is to Vanderbilt's CCD (Center for Child Development) They are going to do a full psych evaluation on him and then we will go from there. They are much more extensive than the school system and after it's done they will be able to determine if more is needed.

I am really hoping that all of this is just in our heads and he's really fine. It bothers me. I imagine pretty much every mom feels that way when autism or PDD is brought up in concerns of their child. Especially when he was developing right on target up until a few months ago.

You ask what is it that makes us think there is a problem?
1) his words went for 15-20 at 16 months to now 3-5 (he's 26.5 months)
2) When I tell him no he starts hitting himself in the head and crying
3) There is low muscle tone in his legs. (He wears DAFO #5 for his feet supports)
4) He gets frustrated easily if we don't understand what he wants
5) He understands us 80% of the time but when he don't we tend to have a melt down.
6) He used to love going to Walmart and such, now it's like he is getting the sensory overload. Most trips to the store will result in a meltdown.
7) He don't like change. Things have to be a certain way
8) with his stacking pegs he puts them in color order. (red orange yellow green blue.)
9) He is fixated on yellow toys
10) Has to get dressed a specific way
11) Will only play with Micah. If there is anybody else around he secludes himself. Does not play with others in Sunday School.
12) Can't stand for anybody to hold his hands.
13) He licks everything.
14) EXTEREMELY high pain tolerance

Anyhow... there are concerns there. Giving the benefit of the doubt... He is a heart baby. His feet went purple twice prior to surgery. Plus there was increased blood pressure to the brain prior to surgery. (compared to his left arm and legs) From the get go he has had low muscle tone in his legs. When he walks even with the supports, his feet are floppy. He has always fisted his right hand and sucked his left thumb. He has in the last few months required to be holding his silky 75% of the time. (It started out being a nightgown and I bought a yard of satin and cut it up for him.) Something with the texture he just has to have it.

His lack of speech is the least of the concern to me because I know him being the youngest of 6, the others try to talk for him. WE stopped that but, I am not too worried about it. I do know we have to get on it ASAP though because once he turns 3, TEIS drops him and it's up to our insurance. (Which he is on TennCare but our primary is Cigna. The combo effect you would think we never had to pay for anything. HA!)

Anyhow... that's what's going on there.

I need to get off here and fix lunch. It sounds like two little boys need a nap. They both woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

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