Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A rather eventful week.

Actually not really. This week has been a good one. (Which I know it's been awhile since I have updated and I really need to get on it.) Monday Benji had speech for the full hour and he did really good. Many spontaneous words and he is also using signs. Tuesday was a day of relaxation. Wednesday, Micah's preschool teacher and assistant came over for a home visit. (School starts September 10th for him) Then the fun begins.

Wednesday evening we went to church at DFA, we've been going for about a month and this was our 2nd Wednesday night. Jeff had gotten Benji from the nursery while me and mom were talking with a few other people. While we were talking Benji was being cute, trying out pews. Then Jeff tried to catch him before he took off but was too late. Benji took off running and ran smack into the pew. To the best of our ability we believe he smacked his head on the communion cup holder. Still we didn't realize what had happened. Jeff got to him and he was laying face down with his hands up to his head, sorta crying. Then Jeff saw the blood and said uh-oh. I ran over there and as Jeff got Benji up blood started pouring down his face.

So, we had a mild heart attack.... several ladies and a few men gathered around our crying little guy and Wes went and got an ice pack. The prayer calmed Benji (and us) and the ice started to slow the bleeding. We decided he needed to get stitches and headed in to Vanderbilt Childrens.

Did I mention that during service we had prayed for rain?

About the time we got in to Cheatham county it was raining. Not too bad, but it was raining. Then we got into Davidson county, all of a sudden the bottom let out and there was a gullywasher. Driving a rear wheel vehicle on flooded roads is not fun. Add to that I have never had a rear wheel vehicle until we were blessed with the Expedition. So I made it with many "Jesus take the wheel" type prayers. I had made the brilliant decision to get on the interstate to skip the street lights and all... That was a close call I don't want to relive.

Got to the hospital (I forgot to mention I called the triage line ahead to let them know we were coming.) Dropped Jeff off with Benji and went to park. By the time I got there they had him in the triage room assessing him. My only complaint there is we had told them that Benji was a heart baby and they didn't believe us. That is until they pulled up his records.
Back in the Fast Trac Room, right before they put the numbing gel on.
Long story short we had to wait 2 hours in the waiting room, nearly and then when we were called back they put the numbing gel on his head and we had to wait another hour. By the time we had gone back, Benji was very tired and had fallen asleep right after the gel was put on.

As you can see in the picture, he wasn't distressed really at all and I contribute that to the prayers. The wound went from when we first cleaned to thinking we could see the skull to by the time the doctor cleaned it that it don't really look that deep.

So that's through Wednesday. WE left the hospital I think around 1am... with the incident happening at 8:20pm. God is good... Benji might have a slight scar from it, but all and all he's fine. It's sore and bruised, but I have been keeping a clean and dry bandaid on it. I know the nurse said to leave it uncovered, but when we tried that Benji started picking at the stitches. So, hopefully the stitches will dissolve in a few days and all will be well.

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