Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Busy Day

Look mom! Train!

So, our Wednesday was a very busy day. We started off by going to speech and working on 'yes' or 'sure'. We are also pushing the beginning sounds of the words. Benji likes to ignore them and still expect us to know what he is saying. =]

After speech we decided to go to storytime at the public library. We got there a little early, so Benji kept himself busy while I picked out a couple books for him. (This Old Man: the counting song, Trupp: a fuzzhead tale, & Hush, little ones)

Once storytime started, Benji wasn't sure what to do. He did not want to sit still. And then there was alot of things to distract him in the room. Which he made sure to investigate.

It's the mother load! Trains!

Story time had things we didn't expect but made it all the better. The librarian read two books. (I think they were Figaro and then Grandma's Cat) The letter of the day was C. There were also a small show and tell where some of the kids brought things that started with C, like a cookie, can strainer, cake pan, costume, and clownfish. We will have to make sure to bring something with a D next week.

During the story time, Benji did start rocking while I was holding him. I am not sure if it was just he wanted down or the stimulation got to him. He did seem a bit glassy eyed.

After the reading they played music. It was a cow song, because it started with a C... LOL. They did sorta like a line dance and Benji had a blast. He absolutely LOVED it.

Who needs lines? I make my own.

After the line dancing, the kids got coloring sheets featuring things that start with C. I really like the way storytime is set up. It's an actual learning time not just sit and listen and drive your mom crazy time. =]

So Benji colored and colored. And then he colored some more. He actually went back and forth between coloring and dancing for several minutes. It was so cute. After coloring they played a game that was a cross between mother may I and simon says. Hard to explain. Benji enjoyed mimicking the other kids. He was the youngest one there save one little girl that was only a month younger. She was able to do so much more than Benji. It's hard to realize that Benji has definite delays until we get around other children his age.

Ahhhhh.... dreamland

Anyhow, while we were attempting to leave the library Benji found the reading room and it had a couch in it like Nana's. So he decided he had to go see Nana... and we did. He got lunch at McD's first though. Chicken Nuggets and Fries with sweet tea. (We are southern ya know) At Nana's he played and had fun and gave hugs and seemed to come out of his hyperness. We left Nana's about 2:20p and by the time I got half a mile from her house he was dead to the world.

Once home he slept until about 5 and was grouchy when he woke up, but it quickly changed once we got dinner and then went to church. He loves his church. It is so cute.

But that was our Wednesday.

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