Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jump Start

So... Benji finally got to his PT eval today. It has taken forever due to insurance and red tape and insurance and schedules and, did I say insurance?

You know... I am so greatful that our insurance is good and that it covers most things that we have to do for Benji... but the red tape that goes along with it is a PAIN! We got the referral from the pediatrician October 14th. It took a month for the fax to go through from TEIS to the PT.... then it took nearly 2 months to get the insurance in check.

So... over the rant part of things....

Benji's right foot still is severely pronating (the ankle points to the floor, opposite of a club). The left foot is too, just not quite as bad. So... Benji will be getting a new set of shoe inserts that he is to wear all the time except when sleeping or in the tub/pool. The order will be entered tomorrow. The good side is he didn't have to be custom fitted, just have to order them. (HE HATED being fitted for the polywogs/DAFO 5.) He is getting the Jumps Start Inserts... I believe the Leap Frog.

Anyhow... figure I will wrap this up... Benji was spinning and running in circles all afternoon and passed out an hour ago... Momma better go to bed before he gets up. :)

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