Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Coming in Clearly...

One of the possible problems for an infant that has been in a state requiring oxygen for a period of time, is eye damage. This has been a concern of ours with Benji but not one that is at the forefront of everything else that goes on with him. We have known that Benji has excellent distance vision for years! He would always be the first to see something of interest to himself.

About a month ago, the school system did a health screening and I figured I would follow it up with an eye appointment. I want to clarify that Benji passed the screening. Our reasoning in getting him in to the eye doctor was just for a baseline check because there are vision impairments in the family. (4 of 8 already wear glasses)

This past Wednesday Benji went to the eye doctor. During the exam it was noted that there was a slight farsightedness issue but the doctor was not positive as to how significant it was since Benji could not keep his eyes still. So he was scheduled to go back this morning to have his eyes dilated and a more comprehensive exam.

That brings us to today. Daddy took Benji in and the little guy did very well. He was very curious as to all the equipment, as to be expected. Aside from the drops in his eyes he did not mind the exam at all. Benji was very excited at the prospect of getting glasses. (This was heightened last Wednesday when he saw some with the Red Power Ranger on it.)

The results were worth it. Benji's eyes are healthy. There is no evidence of oxygen burn. He is slightly farsighted and could get away without glasses but, we are going to try them to see if they help with his focus. The doctor said sometimes the "twitchy" eye muscles can cause hyperactivity. So the hope is that with glasses he may be able to overcome some of the lack of focus issues.

Praise the Lord Benji's eyes are healthy and praying the glasses help his focusing (attentiveness).

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