Friday, March 25, 2011

Latest IEP and a Gameplan

It's a belated update because I have been putting off updating about how Benji's IEP went. It's just hard to express what happened without getting emotional. So, please, bear with me.

Benji was up for his triennial review where testing is done and the special education department is supposed to take everything in context. According to Benji's kindergarten teacher, he has mastered all but maybe one of the skills that have been introduced. He had one of the highest scores on one of the tests in the entire kindergarten. All things to praise God for! When we consider how much Benji could do three years ago versus what he can do now, there is no doubt that God has been there.

The special education department did IQ testing also and it showed he is "superior". Yet, with classroom observations both the school psychologist and the school special education teacher noted problem areas with "business" and "lack of focus" also instances where he would "fall" or "bump" into others. The classroom teacher claims that Benji is a well adjusted, compliant child with no noticeable issues.

Because of what they looked at, Benji is de-certified on the developmental delay. He still receives speech therapy, but will probably only have it for another year.

This is where we get to my concerns...
1) Benji has Sensory Processing Disorder, his is also at risk for ADHD combined. One of the doctors that tested him said she wouldn't be surprised if we find he has Asperger's Syndrome in a couple years. (This was in 2009, which happens to be the report that the school lost)
2) Benji had 2 1/2 years of a special needs preschool that focused on preparing him for Kindergarten. What is going to happen next year when he is in first grade and there are no "precautions" in place if he starts having problems?
3) Why won't the school listen to the doctors? We were told point blank with one of the other kids that if the doctor said it they would do it.

Needless to say I am concerned. I am trying not to worry and to continue putting my faith in God. I will re-iterate, I TRUST God and I accept Benji's healing, my concerns are based on intuition of the entire situation and how we have been treated by the school system.  We have a game plan, and we will follow through it. I suggest anybody with a special needs child formulate their own.

- bring up concerns to the pediatrician and request referrals to have testing re-done to verify what the school's testing has said.
- maintain home therapy and diet
- get into the developmental pediatrician
- get into the child pyschologist
- get in with nutritionist
- check in with pediatric endocrinology
- check in with occupational therapist for an evaluation
- check in with physical therapist for evaluation and recommendation on orthodics

I think that is all. Summer will be busy with those visits... but a much required effort for Benji's best interest.

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