Monday, August 22, 2011

Growing Up, 1st grade

1st day of school for Benji!
August has brought a change in life. Started first grade at the beginning of the month. It is very different from kindergarten.

While 1st grade is very different, I think I like it. I read my first story to mom pretty well. She only had to help me a couple times. I am having to make new friends, only two classmates are in my class from last year. I like my teacher and she has a bobcat in the classroom. It is real, but it is not alive. (I love all cats!)

On August 11th I went back to the dentist again. I did NOT like it. Both mom and the dentist tell me that the "habit-breaking" appliance is good to do. The dentist said it might prevent me from having to get braces. All I know is that I do not like it. (What I did like is that I got to eat applesauce and pudding for a few days. Mom even made her chocolate homemade pudding.) Oh! I also lost a tooth on the 7th!

This past week I had to go in during recess because while I was outside running and playing my heart hurt. (I think it's just I get going so fast that I get tried, plus it is really hot outside.) I told mom and she says to let her know if it happens again. She seemed worried about it. It must be because of the bicuspid aortic valve with stenosis. Since then, mom is limiting how much I am outside and making sure I drink a LOT of water.

(Mom Note:: He is okay, it is just his body telling him to slow down/stop. Making sure he takes breaks and is hydrated is the key. This is also why Benji does not play little league baseball.)

I also went to a birthday party for my friend Lilly. She is so cute! She likes me and I like her, but I do not want a girlfriend, I just want a friend. At her birthday party she had a bounce house and I really liked playing in it! We had a lot of fun.

And now we start a new week. I already know it will involve a lot of Tae Kwon Do because I didn't get to go last week with our crazy schedules.

Have a good day!

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