Monday, June 04, 2012

Summer! What?!

Mom has decided that part of our summer break will involve summer home school. I am actually quite excited about it. I have wanted mom to home school all year.

So far we have 2 workbooks, a spelling list and reading! It is so exciting. I wonder what field trips we will have. And if we will have recess and gym?

Maybe I will do really good and mom will decide to home school full time? Or not?

I like home school so far. Of course, this is just the first day. Mom says the main focus is to work on me being able to focus on things and do my school work. Then to keep me from forgetting what I have already learned.

Interested in the books Mom is using?

The Original Summer Bridge Activities 1-2
Summer Splash Learning Activities Grades 1-2
The Complete Book of Bible Activities: Grades 2-4

Ready Readers Giant Collection, Stage 1, Preschool-Grade 1

I am going into the second grade. I have not enjoyed reading up until recently and that changed because I really like Dr. Seuss. So Mom found the old Ready Reader book she had with my older sisters to help me. We have a couple of those and once we get through them, then we can read some fun adventure books like Treasure Island or maybe The Jungle Book..

What are you planning for the summer? I am sure it won't all be academic for me.

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