Thursday, March 03, 2005


The cardiologist saw Benji. My first impression of her is I don't like her. She was so blunt and didn't think about how we would feel. Benji has something wrong with his heart. He has a coarctation of his aorta and his aortic valve is bicuspid it is also thick. They have put him on PGE(?) it will force his PDA to stay open so his body gets blood. They are tranfering him to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital now.

I am scared, I tried to tell everybody something was going on and they said I was wrong. Now this? He did nurse this afternoon. I was starting to relax until the cardiologist came in here. Now my world feels like it is shattering.

My cousin Madeline was born with heart defects and had surgery and it was repaired and she's fine. She's 18 now. She has Turner's Syndrome but she is doing fine. I think she is even going away to college.

God, please protect my little boy.

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