Friday, March 04, 2005


We are now at Vanderbilt children's. It was weird about how the transport team was going on about how they have all the equipment in the ambulance that is in the NICU and if something were to happen, they would be able to help him.

I don't completely understand, it's just a narrow spot, not like the blood isn't getting there, it's just making his heart work a little harder.

I am extremely thankful for the nurse I had, she called Dr. Barnett and got him to release me so that I could go with Benji to VCH. She was very understanding and got us loaded up and on our way very quickly. We got over to the hospital about the same time Benji did but then we had to wait for them to transfer him into NICU and make sure he was stable.

We have called many different people and couldn't get ahold of anybody. Tom and Nancy Crow from church got our message and came up to the hospital, so did Aunt Wanda. It was so odd, people we can usually just think about and there they are, and tonight when we needed somebody we went hours with nothing.

The feeling of nothingness was unbearable. We felt as if our world was falling apart and we had nobody with us to hold our hands. The heart defects were so completely unexpected we were not prepared at all. It was a blessing that the Crow's gave up their evening to sit with us that first night at Vanderbilt. We did not know how long we would be there.

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