Tuesday, December 06, 2005

9 month checkup

So Benji went to the doctor today for his 9 month check up. Hard to believe he is nine months old already. Dr. Baust was sick so we saw Dr. Seethaler. He was very impressed very impressed with Benji and his abilities. So let's start with the stats

Benji is now 29.5 inches tall and 20.13 pounds. He got four shots today. We had to play catch up since the new doctors do their shots a little differently. So he's all caught up there. They did the hemocrit and it came back good too.

    So, Benji's milestones:
  • Sits very well without assistance. (this started at 7 months)

  • Crawls on hands and knees. (started at 7 1/2 months)

  • Will scoot around furniture (walk while holding on). (started at 8 1/2 months)

  • Pulls up to standing position. (started at 8 months)

  • Responds to his name. (He always has it seems)

  • Finger Feed self (he's messy but is trying)

  • Picks up small objects between thumb and index finger (sometimes, he usually just gets things in his fist.)

  • He babbles more, he says ba, baa, da, da da, bu bu, maa

We are still nursing so Dr. Seethaler said we need to put him on Vitamin D drops.

He eats #2 foods very well. He has to stay away from peaches, mangos and the highly acidic fruits like that, they don't agree with his tummy. Benji also enjoys the fruit and veggie puffs, scrambled eggs sometimes, and instant potatoes. He seems to not like many textures.

Benji is sleeping now since he is a bit cranky after those shots. He is doing well though. Next appointment is in March for one year checkup!

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