Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hello! Pictures! and new abilities!

Christmas 2005Hello, first off we want to share pictures! Mom and Dad did our new annual tradition of Christmas pictures with all of us. It came out pretty good, of course I think the fella in the red made the picture. I of course may be partial, since that is me! I have been having alot of fun lately. Mom put up this really pretty tree with shiny things on it. Of course I like shiny things so I would love to grab them. There are also stuff under the tree but, they aren't shiny so they don't really interest me. My brothers seem to be interested though.

All dressed upMom gets so excited here lately. I discovered my hands and I like to wave. I also like to clap now too. Things are fun, I hope these sparkly and shiny things don't go away. I also enjoy it when my sisters have friends over. Their friends give me so much attention and would rather look at me and talk to me than do what ever with them. Mom says I am an attention hog.

I disagree.

We did go and have fun at the playcenter in teh mall while mom had to take a few things back. I had fun there. Especailly when I was running from my brother Micah. I suppose I shouldn't say running, more like crawling at the speed of light. I am surprised mom got a picture of it.Can't Catch me!Hi There!

We did have alot of fun.

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