Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Results from Assessment on 11-10-05

Benji had an assessment completed on the 10th of November. The assessment was the Battelle Developmental Inventory and it was done at home by his early intervention teacher. At the time of the assessment Benji was 8 months and 8 days. As you can tell, this is a month old. He has progressed further in some areas already. Our little guy is getting strong and very smart!

Personal Social
Personal social domain test skill related to adult interaction, expression of feeling/affect, self-concept, peer interaction and social role. Benji scored at 7 months, 1 month below his chronological age. He plays peek-a-boo, expresses his emotions, and responds to his name.

Adaptive Domain tests skill related to attention, dressing, eating, personal responsibility and toileting. His total score was 10 months, 2 months above his chronological age. Benji holds his bottle to feed himself, attends to one activity for 3 or more minutes.

Motor domain includes both fine and gross motor skills. Gross motor skills involve large muscle movements, which include muscle control, body coordination and locomotion. Fine motor skills include the small muscle movements, primarily related to hand use and perceptual motor coordination.

In the area of gross motor, he scored 9 months which is 1 month above his chronological age. Benji stands for 10 seconds while holding on to a solid object, moves from a lying position to a sitting position by himself and pulls up to a standing position without falling.

In the fine motor area, Benji scored at 5 months, 3 months below his chronological age. He can transfer objects from one hand to the other, picks up things in his fist as opposed to index finger and thumb, and he will reach for an object placed before him and touch it.

Communication domain covers both receptive and expressive language. Receptive language is the ability to respond and to understand spoken language. Expressive language is the ability to respond to a word by using words or gestures.

In the area of receptive language, Benji scored 7 months, 1 month below chronological age. Benji turns his head toward the source of sound outside his field of vision, responds to voice outside of his field of vision and responds to non-speech sound outside his field of vision. His emerging skills are responding to different tones of a person's voice and associating spoken words with familiar objects or actions.

In the expressive communication, he scored 8 months which is his chronological age. He produces one or more vowel sounds, vocalizes sounds to express feelings and produces one or more single syllable consonant-vowel sounds.

Cognitive domain tests skills related to perceptual discrimination, memory, reasoning, academic skills and conceptual development. Benji scored at the 8 month level right at his chronological age. He shows awareness of new situations, feels and explores objects and reaches around a barrier to get a toy.

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