Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Once again.... he got to sleep while I drove...

The evaluations went well... Benji was asleep when we got there and a bit on the stubborn side but for the most part, he cooperated. He did show his tantrum side and he did get overwhelmed. The appointment was at 1:30, we were called back about 1:45 and I was leaving the Vandy parking garage at 5:22. He leaves with no diagnosis. They HIGHLY suggest OT for his sensory issues (oral and tactile along with the vestibular, he loves to spin). He could be considered for PDD-NOS except he is too social. He could be considered for Asperger Syndrome except he has the speech delay. (He was diagnosed in June with Speech Apraxia) Neither have been thrown out. They do believe he has a form of OCD. (Things have to be just so, he obsesses on certain colors and order, he is repetitive but not a certain amount of times) And they have said his hyperactivity may be an indicator of ADHD in the future. So... there is no official diagnosis, but we will be getting more therapy. They have also told me to call once he transitions to the school system out of early intervention if there are ANY problems getting him the help he needs.

All in all it went much better than it could have. Although Benji was over stimulated both days, he calmed down quickly. I believe it was because he got the flu shot Monday. He's been snotty and sleepy since so it helped me. And thank the Lord I do not have to go back into Nashville until Monday.

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