Wednesday, April 02, 2008

World Autism Awareness Day

Good Afternoon. I find today an interesting day. When I picked up Benji from preschool I was informed he didn't get his treat today because he outright refused to leave the center he was at and come to carpet time. He understood that his teacher was asking him to leave the toys, he shook his head no and kept playing.

This is typical of Benji when he gets focused on something. The teacher didn't tell me that he went kicking and screaming or that they just let him play. I am not sure as to what they did to get him from the toys. I know at home we have to distract and put the toy away. And I also know at home if it's his Cars stuff we are in a heap load of trouble because he will throw a tantrum like you wouldn't believe.

The other thing his teacher pointed out was that Benji was twirling hair and sucking his thumb alot today. I acknowledged it and informed her that he does that either when he is tired or when he is getting overstimulated. She made note of it. I did let her know that as long as he isn't rocking he shouldn't go into a meltdown.

I am praying against the words that pop up in my mind from Benji's assessment in November when the doctor told us that preschool would either bring the autism to surface or dispel it. He is getting more sensitive. He's getting harder to calm down. And all I know to do is just pray and hold him if he will let me. Alot of times he doesn't want me to hold him when he gets agitated. He's mumbling again too..

I just pray that Benji will grow and become a strong and intelligent young man that loves the Lord. What ever trials come, whether it is with his heart or with the delays, God will provide the means.

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