Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Manic Monday

Monday was a beautiful cool day. Not too hot nor too cold, so when we
go to the zoo right at opening time we thought we would have a nice
day. It took us a couple minutes to figure out where we were going to
go first. At home we had found where the Lorikeets and African Safari
on the map online so we figured we would go there because we hadn't
made it up there. Afterall it was only our third trip and they aren't
connected to the rest of the zoo really. The birds were beautiful, but
boy were they LOUD. Benji wasn't interested in them rather the ducks
that had made a home in the pond. He didn't stay but maybe five
minutes because of the noise. Mom didn't realize just how bad it
bothered him either.
From there we went on to the Elephant Savannah and saw the monstrous
pachyderms. On the way we saw some swine that looked like Pumba from
Lion King. Benji enjoyed walking the terrain watching the "footprints"
that were left in the trial. It was quiet other than the "mood music"
that was playing. No other people were around up in that area too...
Benji did get excited once he saw the Giraffes, "they big".
That part of our adventure was probably the best. When we came out of
the Savannah he wanted to go see the Lorikeets again and we did. He
was fine until they got stirred up again and started all the
squawking. They were just being bird but it even hurt mom's ears.
So then it was on to the Unseen World. Benji's favorite place in the
zoo because he gets to see snakes and turtles and frogs and whatever
else they have in there. Plus on days that the zoo isn't over run by
school field trips it's quiet and relaxing. Monday was not one of
those days. It was so LOUD and so crowded, Benji didn't know what to
do. So mom tried her best to keep him protected. For the most part
everything worked out fine. He was just very over stimulated. So, we
went walking on the animal trial and hoped to be able to not get ran
over by the groups. It didn't work.By the time we got to the Saimang,
Benji was asking for a nap. WE sat on the bench watching the black
Gibbon for about ten minutes until she started singing. It was too
much for Boo and we decided to go ahead and leave. He had to go to OT

Got to the Expedition and loaded in. Benji got some more drink and a
snack and was asleep before we got out of the zoo grounds. He slept
hard all the way into Vanderbilt/Bill Wilkerson and even after we
checked in. We were early but that was okay. He stayed tired though.
He did however work with the therapist mostly.

The one thing I haven't mentioned is that Benji has been very
congested with a deep cough since Thursday and yesterday he wasn't
really wanting to eat. By the time OT was over his cough was sounding
like he was wheezing which being the brother to an asthmatic we know
that if he doesn't clear the bronchial tubes when he coughs it can
sound like a wheeze. So we got him to the doctor. His regular doctor
couldn't see him so he saw the other one. She said there was no
infection and his lungs were clear. She prescribed Nasonex for him.
(Not sure about getting it though... I think saline drops would be

After the doctor visit we headed towards home. As we got close to
Arby's (we were planning on grabbing a bite) the Expedition decided it
didn't want to go over 35. Went ahead and ate at Arby's.... praying
that all was well and that just stopping for a bit would fix it.

It didn't... got about a mile from Arby's and ended up on the side of
the road. Nana and Papa came and rescued us, but we had to wait 2 1/2
hours for the tow truck to get there. Once he got there, he said he
would take it to Ford for us and get that taken care of. We thanked
him and headed to Nana's. Benji had slept from the time the truck
stopped until the tow truck got there. Sleeping seemed to have reset
his senses and calmed him down but he wasn't sleepy anymore.

Once Benji got home he was very happy to be home and very active but
not in a bad way.

So all in all we had a Manic Monday but it wasn't too terrible. And
just got the call from the dealer. The Expedition is fixed. Seems the
clip that connects the engine to the transmission on the wiring
harness dry rotted and broke. It was an apparently easy fix and while
it cost money it wasn't no where as bad as it could have been. We
Praise God for keeping us safe and for providing the means to get it

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