Monday, May 05, 2008

Cardiology visit

This morning went well. Benji ended up being 40 minutes early to his cardiology appointment, so we got in early. Benji cooperated as good as a 3 year old can. He sat still for his blood pressure check up. Right arm was 78/58 and right leg was 88/47. Since it is so low he is now off of his Propranolol. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

For the echo Benji did good. He got a case of the tickles but cooperated mostly. I got the look I wanted to see. The dr. did the measurements on the aortic valve for the stenosis.... the highest was 32. This is significantly lower than the 58 that it was. The doctor only stated that the stenosis wasn't worse. Other than that, while watching the echo I could have swore I saw three flaps in the valve. (This is new. Every other check up it was just the two.)

So.... we are praising God! The Lord is healing baby boy. Benji goes back in one month to verify his blood pressure.

The picture is from the waiting room.

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