Saturday, May 17, 2008

baby trend Trend Sport Lite

Monday while we were in town I decided to get Benji's new stroller. While he still fits in the InStep Swivel Double Stroller, big brother don't and we wanted a smaller stroller.

So, I went to Target and Toys R Us. I decided on the baby trend Trend Sport Lite #1511.

I am taking it back Monday because it does not work for us, I will
explain why in a moment...

Pros: The TrendSport Lite has several positives, it has a child tray with a cup holder, a parent tray with 2 cup holders and key holder, fairly easy to fold up. shade canopy and a reclining seat. It weighs only 12 pounds so it's not to heavy. It also has a large storage basket underneath that is EASY to get to.

Cons: First I want to say I am 6 foot tall and I have back problems. So these problems may not all affect the average mom and dad. My main complaint is that I can't use it for what I wanted. I like walking and need a stroller that Benji can sit in as I push, which means the stroller has to be tall enough. The TrendSport Lite is not tall enough for me to use while walking for exercise. It might work for mall trolling, but not normal walking. The other problem is that I need the stroller to be usable at the softball and football fields which happen to have alot of gravel, the wheels get stuck and are VERY difficult to maneuver unless you are on a flat smooth surface.

In addition, the stroller goes up to 40 pounds. Benji is 36 pounds and it's a snug fit. He did not complain, but it really isn't a good match for him. Had we gotten this stroller when he was younger/smaller we might have gotten our money out of it, but there would still be the issues of maneuvering on gravel and across uneven terrain.

It really look like we are gonna have to go with a jogger stroller, and pray that we can find one that is tall enough for me.

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