Friday, May 23, 2008

PT Appointment Yesterday

Yesterday was interesting. When I picked up Benji from school yesterday he was tired. They had played out on the play ground and I guess he got alot of energy ran out of him. Went home and did a few things around the house... Then we ran over to Montgomery Bell State Park. There were a few people there that we knew and Benji played for about 45 minutes after he ate his lunch.

Dr. Seethaler set up Benji's PT evaluation with Ryan at STAR physical therapy in Fairview. I wasn't really sure what to expect considering I always thought STAR was more for adults. Because I wasn't positive as to where they were at, I ended up getting there 30 minutes early. Which was okay. Ryan and the receptionist are very nice and up front. Ryan told me right out that he is not a pediatric PT. That bothers me in that Seethaler's office sent me there, but Ryan's personality makes up for it.

While we were there, Benji took his time warming up. That was a little my fault because Benji fell asleep on the way there. Once Benji warmed up him and Ryan got along, but I can that Benji isn't going to make this easy. The good thing is that Ryan saw what I see. And on top of that he acknowledges that Benji needs help.

What we see is that Benji drags his right foot/leg at times. Also that it appears his legs just give out. While Benji can walk and run he is bow legged and his ankles turn in (pronation). Ryan also agrees in the low muscle tone. Benji's legs are floppy. The question comes to how much of it is normal for a three year old. I am just glad I am not looney.

So... hopefully his legs will be addressed. Ryan said he would look into the inserts that the last therapist that saw him recommended He wasn't sure if he could order them or not. So we will see.

He goes next Thursday at 8 am and hopefully we will get him focused and doing things. LOL.

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