Friday, June 06, 2008

Praise Report

Okay... remember last month Benji went to the cardiologist and she took him off his meds and his heart was doing awesome?

We went in today to check his blood pressure to make sure all was well.

His right arm (the control) was 68/54 pulse 93
His right leg (with him moving around) was 89/58 pulse 98

He does not need the medication anymore PRAISE THE LORD!! He goes back in December for his next echocardiogram just for the routine check on the aortic valve.

A side praise is that I have found a local pediatric physical therapist that takes Benji's insurance. I just have to get a referral to get him over there. Praying that goes well. (This is for Benji's low muscle tone in the lower half of his body.)

After the doctor visit we went to the zoo with all the sibs and Nana... didn't take pictures but we did have fun. Benji got to show Nana his duck and also the giraffes and elephants. It was really hot though so we only stayed about 2 hours. That is including a break for snack and water.

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